Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5, 2008 Em's road test, Ed's election, President elect Obama

We've been very busy since the last time I blogged! Monday pretty much went as scheduled. Other then driving Em back and forth to work it was a pretty quiet day, which was good because Tuesday promised to be extremely busy. Mike and I both got up early Tuesday morning, took showers and headed to the polls to vote. I didn't vote for McCain because I wanted him to be President, I voted for him because I didn't want Barack Obama to be. He makes me very nervous and I felt that I'd rather have more of the same over the unknown.
Mike and I arrived home only minutes before Mom and Mo arrived. Em drove Mom to the registry while I drove with Dan in Em's car. We arrived right on time, walked up to the road test desk, checked in and were told to drive around the back and wait. Mom drove up so Em could use her car but her insurance information wasn't on her registration and rather then the registry calling the insurance company to get it we decided that Em would just take the test in her car, with Mom as her sponsor. The instructor told her it would be about 20 minutes so while she waited Dan and I went over to Shaws to get an embroidery needle so I could finish my poncho and decided while we were there we'd get a card for Em, and a couple of "congratulations on your new car and license" gifts. We bought armoral and glass wipes, a $15 gas gift card, and a couple packs of her favorite gum. Then we waited out back, camera in hand, for the test to start. The instructor asked Em to turn on her high beams, but she turned on her windshield wipers with spray instead...good thing the instructor had a great sense of humor and instructed her to where the high beams probably were. The rest of the test went well, Em did a great job and passed with flying colors. $60 and a signature got her a temporary licence and we were done. I'm very proud of her. She drove home following us down Rt 28 from Yarmouth and flinched for just a minute as we passed the Cape Cod Mall. She's been coveting a sweatshirt at one of the shops and Mom and I thought just maybe she might get brave and go her own way. She didn't and followed us home until she got to Pimlico Pines then she took the first road and pulled into the driveway just before us at which time Mo knew she'd passed the test. Mo took Mom's car home and Emmy drove Mom, Danny and I to Sweet Tomatoes to celebrate. We had an incredible Pesto and Feta pizza, and a Cesear salad before Em drove us to RI. Our first stop once in Middletown was to check on Fran who was working the polls at Middletown High School, then up to Sachuest Point for a walk where Dan was excited to see two white tailed deer, then stopped in at Royal Plaza Hotel to see how Ed was doing and ended up staying there for the rest of the night. The hotel was closed except for Ed's party. Ed had a room right between the lobby and the lounge where the party was being held, and invited the kids and I to spend the night. We agreed, brought in the bags and settled in. Dan ran around and eventually knocked over a huge bar and broke the lamps that were on top. Thank you Kristin and Alicia for cleaning up the mess! He had a small cut on his hand but was otherwise unharmed. Darned kid! People came and went and as the night progressed the excitement rose. Paul stopped in to say Hi < and have a drink with me. Yes, I am drinking on occasion and am really trying to learn moderation. It was good to see him and catch up but between the noise in the room and Dan's bar tipping fiasco we didn't really get a chance to talk. Glad we'll have a quiet chance to catch up on Saturday. Ed's friend Jonathan arrived and treated me to one of the best hugs I've had in ages, it was good to see him as well.
Em helped Alicia pick up the pizza's and a Sushi platter that was incredible. I ate more then my fair share. We watched as the results come in and were thrilled for Ed when he came in 3rd place. He shared the win with some of his favorite running mates, which should make for a very effective council. Ed and Zach hopped in a limo for the ride up to the Biltore in Providence to wait for the national election results as Alicia, Taylor and I cleaned up. Emmy decided she wanted to spend the night at Mom's house rather then stay at the hotel. We kissed her and Mom goodnight and told her to pick us up at 7am for the ride home. Dan sacked out immediately but I tossed and turned for a while. I finally fell asleep but awoke at 2am probably curious about the Presidential race and was saddened when I turned on the TV to see Obama giving his acceptance speech. I was pretty sure he'd win but was holding onto hope. He spoke well and I was impressed with his promise of a brighter tomorrow. I can't tell you how much I hope to be wrong about the man. I eventually fell back to sleep only to awake at 6am, I put the news back on and watched the RI state winners and losers scroll across the screen. Rather then shower I decided to dress and pack up. At 6:55am I woke Dan up and told him it was time to go. Em pulled up right outside, jumped out of her car and walked toward the lobby doors. She disappeared only to reemerge pointing to the door. I walked out to the lobby and noticed everything was dark, no lights, no front desk person and upon trying the doors found them locked. Hmmm.....very strange. Then it occurred to be, the hotel was closed for 3 days except for the party. I wonder if the manager didn't realize we were there! Dan walked out in his PJ's and I started trying doors, then noticed a release on the window in our room and figured if nothing else we could leave that way. I wasn't exactly thinking straight. But the window was blocked and although it would open it was only about 4 inches wide. Enough room to pass some of the stuff out to Em, and possibly get Dan out but certainly not me! I finally took a deep breath and stopped to think. There must be an emergency exit here some where and started making my way down the dark hall. Sure enough we found an exit, tried the door which opened sans alarms and promptly left via the back of the building. Whew! I was having a Bates motel moment! Dan, Em and I made a quick stop at D & D for breakfast sandwiches, juice, coffee and hash browns before Emmy drove us home. We made it home just in time to drop Dan and I off so Emmy could go to work. Dan and I showered, and changed and went to story time at the Sandwich library. It was teddy bear day and their craft was to make nature crowns. Dan had a good time, but was ready to be home. We passed Emmy, who didn't have to work till 1pm due to schedule confusion, on our way home. She had both dogs and was on her way to meet us at the library. It's strange having a child with so much independence but it feels good too. I have school tonight, and Mike has a wood turners meeting so Em will be babysitting Dan. I wonder if they will stay in or go out....

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