Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008

Things here went from very slow to very busy ! Gerry from the Massachusetts Cicada website came by on Saturday afternoon with his big black Hummer with Cicada licence plates and was thrilled with how many holes we had. He took a female nymph from Uncle Andy's yard, schooled Janni on a Cicada's life cycle and nearly wet his pants when Taylor Wright told him she'd found a nymph skin earlier in the day. Sure enough she did and that was the first evidence that the emergence was under way. Since then things have been steadily building. The Wrights yard is still the hot spot with 14 Teneral Cicada today, we're guessing the mass emergance will be in the next day or two. Gerry will be down again on Saturday and has asked me to Co-pilot and navigate for him since I know the area so well and he doesn't know it at all. We'll see what we can find.

Emily is working her 9th day in a row today. She's looking forward to having tomorrow and Sunday off. I'm hoping that Sally will get her onto some kind of regular schedule so she doesn't get burned out, although she's still young...burn out is for us old folks !

Dan and I went to RI on Sunday for Zachary's 13th and Taylor's 11th birthday party. The usual group, Dan had fun playing with his cousins. It was good to catch up but I've been in RI two weekends in a row now and am looking forward to just hanging out here at home.

We spoke with Nettie on Monday night and she said she'd already bred Marley once so she should be done by Sunday so we can go and pick her up. She's only been gone a month but it seems like much longer.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008

Things here have been fairly quiet the last couple of days. Emily has been working everyday this week from 9-4. Danny volunteers to feed the fish at Mahoney's now and is very pleased with himself. Sadly our camera died on Monday so I've been unable to catalog our activities with as much thoroughness as I've grown accustomed. Mike took the old camera to work yesterday in hopes of fixing the infamous E18 error. After removing more the 75 pieces he declared it inflexible. My thought for the next camera was that it should be decent but super small and cheap. I'm pretty rough on our camera and I take it EVERYWHERE, the playground, the beach, hiking, letter boxing, out to eat, on the boat...not exactly great environments for an expensive piece of machinery. Mike wanted something comparable to what we had (Canon A620 PowerShot) Since he has an Amazon gift card left over from Christmas he thought that he'd do some research and order it online. My immediate thought was that the 17 year periodic Cicada emergence that I've been waiting for is just a few days away. The webmaster from my favorite Massachusetts Cicada website is coming by tomorrow so I can show him all the activity we have going on right here in Pimlico Pines and he wants to order a camera ?!?!? Rationally I know just about every adult in our neighborhood has a digital camera they would let me borrow, so I mention that I'm willing to wait for ours and I'll just borrow one from someone else.
It's Friday so we pack Dan up and head over to Green Briar for Critter Capers. Ms Mary brought the corral out and Mike and I helped her catch Peter, Teddy and Eddy (The rabbits) and put them in the corral. Afterwards we watched the Swans with the only two cygnets that were left swim over to the dock just 10 feet from where we were standing. The swans started out with 10 babies. Apparently there's a mean, old, snapping turtle that lives in the Smiling Pool and chomps the feet off the baby birds, so that they drown. Sometimes nature is vicious, I've learned. Anyway, the cygnets were very cute and I mentioned that I'd love to have the camera, and Mike says....let's go to Best buy and pick one up. Off to the mall we went and within minutes decided on the Canon PowerShot A590IS. I realize now after writing the name that Mike got closer to what he was looking for. It's a little bit smaller then the one we had, cost $164 and has some great new features. We decided that if we wanted this camera to last we were going to have to splurge on a case for it, so $20 later we have a hard case with a zipper to protect it.
So now I have the camera, Mike and Danny are napping and I just came back from my second Cicada nymph excavation of the day. Really, I just needed more dirt for the 2 Cicada nymphs I found this morning but in the process found a third. Many of the members of the Yahoo Cicada group I belong too are raising Cicada nymphs in captivity and I thought, that'd be cool (much to Mike's unhappiness) So I cut off the top of two juice bottles filled one with dirt, made three holes running down the sides of the bottles so I can view each of them from the outside. I took a length of pantyhose and put it over one of the bottles. I had Mike drill air holes all around the second bottle, inverted it so the opening is sitting on top of the other bottle and pulled the pantyhose up over the second to seal the two together. Pretty ingenious I thought. As soon as the nymphs start to turn dark, I'll add a few sticks so the Cicada nymphs can climb up and molt. All very exciting. And I'd post pictures that I just took, however I can't get our computer to see our new camera, so I put in the nice little disk that comes with it, and after 5 minutes of running, humming, next and finishes it tells me it doesn't like windows 98 - MIKE ?!?!? Oh yeah...he's napping.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 20, 2008

It's Tuesday and our house is largely back to normal. We've unpacked from the weekend, everybody has caught up on their sleep and seem like they've grieved and moved on from the passing of Colleen.
Buzz dropped the girls off a little after 8am. After a quick breakfast I packed up all 5 children and drove Emily to work in Falmouth, then to the Sandwich library to return our zoo pass and pick up the Heritage Museum and Garden pass. Dan, Seneca, Ruby, Joey and I had a great time at Heritage Gardens The highlight for me were their incredible Rhododendron and Azalea gardens. They have a huge variety and they are big and beautiful, we picked the perfect time to go. The kids liked the pirate museum and the carousel. It's quite a walk but they all made it the whole way and I suspect that they'll all take very good naps this afternoon. The biggest surprise was the automobile museum that I didn't even know was there. The docent let the kids sit and play in a 1913 model T, he explained how it ran, where the accelerator was (on the steering column), brake, clutch and reverse were floor pedals. I suspect driving it was a pretty complicated matter. They also had a vintage fire engine in perfect condition and at least 20 more antiques that were just beautiful. I would have liked to have spent more time there but the children weren't impressed and threatened at any minute to violate the minuscule rope and adorn the mint relics with sticky, grimy fingerprints. After a quick stop at the grocery store we headed home for lunch and a nap. Mashpee High School is having their spring concert tonight, so that's our plan for this evening.

Emily has drivers Ed every Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday night from 6pm - 8:30. Thankfully it's only for three weeks, but it seems like we're out of the house more then we're in these days! Emily drove with Ed on Sunday morning to pick up the kids in Portsmouth and did very well, considering she'd never driven anything as big as the Forerunner. She also drove with Mom in her little Corolla (which she really liked the size of) so she's getting quite a bit of practice and I think it's good that she's driven with so many different people. She's doing very well and I'm very proud.

Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19, 2008

Ok, so the cat was alive, but maybe not so happy. She looked thin to me when we arrived home and was walking a little funny. This morning she was moving around, climbed on the picnic table, layed in the sun, but she's moving slow and I began to wonder if today was the day. Em was on her way to work for 9am so I encourage her to spend a little time with the cat before work. In doing so, Emily seemed to realize that the end was near as well and started to cry. She pulled herself together and drove us to work. While she put her stuff away I found Sally (her boss) and let her know what was going on. Sally apologized to Em, which set off another round of tears. Sally quickly suggested that she go, and Emily agreed. When we got home Colleen could bearly move and was no longer walking, Emily was very upset. I contemplated ways of taking the poor thing out painlessly, but Emily insisted that I take the cat to the vet to be euthanized. Mike and I agreed that was best, since we didn't feel that modern cars emitted enough CO3 to do the job quickly. $118 later and several attempts, (she was very dehydrated and he couldn't find a vein after several attempts on both arms, the fatal blow was to the heart on the 10th attempt there) I believe that Colleen's last coherent moment was at 11:24 when she stopped purring. The vet said she was suffering from a neurologic disorder.
So we're home now, the kids are fed and I'm looking forward to an afternoon of digging. Mike said he'd bring home some flowers to put on the grave, he's so thoughtful, and I wonder how I got so lucky.
The hole was dug and subsequently filled. I marvel at the different ways my children grieve. Emily didn't want anything more to do with the process, except that she was to be buried under her new tree. Danny on the other had wanted to see Colleen. I've learned to trust my children, even at such a young age, and am greatful for the insight that allows me to do that. I prepared Dan, told him that her eyes might be open, I hadn't thought about it earlier, but am now happy that I wrapped her in a towel and had left her in the warm van so at least she wasn't cold when he touched her, and that she hadn't been in there long enough to yet become stiff. Danny petted her and commented that he could now touch parts she would never let him touch. He and I dug the hole together, he picked her up in her yellow towel and carried her to the site, all the while I prayed that she didn't fall out, especially if Emily was inside peering through a window at that very moment. He made it sucessfully and he and I gently lowered her into the ground. We covered the hole and the deal was done. Dan remembered that when Nana died we put flowers on her casket and asked if we could put some flowers on our newly interned cat. I agreed and he went off scurrying around the yard havesting. He found some grape hyacinths, a couple of tulips, and a newly opened bunch of lilacs. We have a huge bush of bleeding hearts in the backyard, so I asked him if he wanted some of those. He sayed "No, that would make me sad" He puts on a brave front, but there's still a tender heart under there and I'm glad.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008 Sunday

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at my Mother's kitchen table in Rhode Island. We had a great time yesterday. The kids and I met Mike at the zoo. Mike had to get gas so we arrived at the zoo about 15 minutes before he did. Providence was clear, sunny and warm and I started to worry about leaving Sampson in the car while we were inside. With plenty of time before Mike arrived, I proceeded to find the perfect spot that would be in the shade for the entire visit. I was eventually unhappy with the first 10 or so spots we found. Emily thought I was being overly concerned, Dan bless his heart, just went with the flow and got into, and out of the car whenever I asked. Mike caught up with us and laughed a how far away from the entrance I was. I don't care...I'm not going to lose two animals in one day, if she knew what I knew she might be more concerned ! The zoo was fun. Dan's likes to take a quick peek at an animal and then move right on. He was impressed with the elephants and giraffes and did stay to listen to a brief explanation from the docent about the colors on the wall. We were done with the zoo in just over an hour and found a happy, sleepy Sampson seemingly unharmed, so we packed everybody up and headed to Salem, Connecticut for the Cinco de Mayo party.

We got there at 2:30 and Dan immediately ran to the slushy machine then to the moon bounce. He had a great time playing with new and old friends while we caught up on the highs and lows of Progeny life, and gorged ourselves on Mexican food. The kids and I packed up and drove back to RI and arrived here at about 7:30 pm, just in time to get a very tired little boy into a bath and settled down for the evening.

I was the first one up Sunday morning, followed by Mo, Mom, Emily then Danny at almost 8am. Ed watered the house and antagonized Mo for a while, I showered and dressed Dan for 10 o'clock mass. The Holy Ghost feast mass was less well attented then in years past, but it was nice and Danny behaved well. We met up with Mom, Alicia, Taylor and Emily after mass and proceed to Fenner Avenue Hall for the feast. Dan liked watching the doves fly, and really liked the cotton candy. The kids and I decided that we'd go back to Mom's house for lunch and a game of scrabble. I decided to write rather then play but enjoy listening to Mom and Emily's competitive banter...Emily won her first game ever. I haven't seem my son for a little while, I think he's next door with Ed....maybe I should go make sure.

It's Monday morning but quite a bit happened after my last post yesterday so I thought I'd catch up before going on to today's events. Mom, Emily, Dan and I went back to the feast at about 5pm. The rain was just starting to fall, but the tent was up and they were still serving food. We met Holly, Dawn and Julia under the tent and hung out with them for a while. Fran was still working in the food shack. As 6 o'clock approaced we proceeded into the hall for the calling of the names for next years Domingas. Fran and Gary put their name in last year but didn't get it, so they tried again this year. Eleven families were entered, and they started calling names. One by one the families rose and congratulated each other, we're at 6 with one Dominga left to be called. Fran and Gary are #7 so I'm waiting for the that number to be called. And it is, and I whoop...and everybody else is quiet. Am I the only one that remembers that Fran and Gary are #7 ? So now I'm quiet, and they announce Fran and Gary Smith, and I whoop again, this time in chorus and it's wonderful and I think " Nana's touching my shoulder" I look back and it's Johnny enough. Mom, the kids and I hurry back to Mom's house to drop her off, we kiss goodbye and we're on our way back to the Cape. Despite our best efforts Dan falls asleep in the car and Emily and I muse what it'll mean for Fran to have the crown, who will be chosen for the Domingo, who will be crowned? My cell phone rings, it's Fran. "Do you want to be in the Dominga? Does Emily ? Will Dan walk with Angel Julia." Before we knew it, it was decided, and Emily and I are both filled with the happiness of being included and a little fear about what's to come, especially where attire is concerned. I'm sure everything will work out's always nice to have something to look forward to.
As a bonus, the cat is alive and happy when we return....great news, and after a brief call with my Mother in law, we learn that Marley is in heat....more great news. It's been a good day.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008 Saturday

We're looking at a fun day today and Dan can't hide his excitement. This morning we will be heading to the Roger William Zoo in Providence, then we'll be going to a Cinco de Mayo party in Ct. This party is usually held on a Saturday around the 5th of May, but this year is his daughters first year at college and she was unable to get home any early then the 17th, so here we are celebrating this weekend. Pooring rain right now but the local weather stations assure us it'll get better as the day wears on. I hope so. The kids and I will leave the party later on this afternoon and drive to RI to spend the night with Mom, then attend the annual Holy Ghost Feast at Jesus Savior Church Sunday morning. Mike will stay at the party and partake of the evening/night time festivities then help Doug take down the tent tomorrow and do some general party cleanup.

So, the cat's missing. Mike doesn't recall seeing her yesterday and as soon as he mentioned it I realized that I hadn't either. I have noticed that she hasn't been throwing up as much, which I did think yesterday probably meant that she hadn't been eating. She's at least 10 years old so it wouldn't be a really big surprise. Emily hasn't noticed but I'm pretty sure she's going to demand that the cat be inside before we leave for the weekend (in approximately 15 minutes) at which time we'll try to blow it off and push her out the door. If that should fail we might have to confess our suspicions and put a sad veil over the whole weekend for her.

Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16, 2007

Today's the first day we've spent as a homeschooling family. Mike works 4 days a week now because of gas prices so he's home with us on Fridays. Emily took the science GED test today and passed with 69%. Poor in my opinion and I wonder just what was so difficult. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take the test. 50 questions, multiple choice...piece of cake...only it wasn't. Instead of having a good answer and some clearly wrong answers, this test asks for the BEST answer, making you choose between a bunch of really good answers and a great one. 30 minutes later I finish and check the answers, I got 9 wrong ! 82% for a woman who is 20 years out of high school, a year of college, lived life curiously and has a decent amount of life experience. Very sad. A 69% isn't good, but I'm feeling like 82% isn't all that great either, and I actually really like science...can't wait to take the Social Studies test, I think I failed that one in college.
We talked about the test at lunch and asked Mike about a couple of the questions. Funny this life... so much to learn and so little time. I always knew my husband was fairly intelligent, but it wasn't until we start comparing answers on a standardized test that I really began to see just how smart he is. Simply amazing.
I'm sure that Danny is benefiting in ways yet unrealized by these conversations and can't help but wonder what his little life will hold.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15, 2008

So I checked our new babies this morning and it looked as if the parents had made the nest bigger, maybe to accomodate the growing brood, I checked the depth of the addition and found a dead end. Curious, I made a small hole where the old nest was and find 5 dead babies. I spoke to Mr. Parson so suggested that a house sparrow might have moved in there and "buried" the babies by building a new nest on top of the old...very sad.
Thursday morning and Emily eagerly went off to school for her last day. Really she just wanted to hang out with her friends one more time in Math lab...there's a good reason to homeschool, one would think they should be learning Math in Math lab, not the social sciences.

Anyway, I'm encouraged after having a discussion with her SPED teacher about Migraines and kids in general. He is a homeschooling advocate and encouraged a discussion about curriculum and advantages and disadvantages of this or that. I will be submitting my letter of intent this afternoon at the Superintendants office, and was preparing for battle, I think maybe a happy, but matter of fact approach would now be the best front. I'm meeting with the SPED teacher at 1pm to downgrade Emily's help from a IEP (Independant Education Plan) to a 504. Very exciting...

I can't help but wanting to dive right into homeschooling. Yesterday I had her take a practice GED writing test and she passed with an 80%, so I'm curious to see how she'll fare on the rest of the tests. I've been advised by veteran homeschoolers that children just being pulled out of school need some time to de-school, which means giving them enough down time to change their mindset from "I have to learn" to "I want to learn". It's a pretty interesting concept. Danny is a great example... just this morning he mastered the concept of gravity and is very interested in how electricity works so we took a video out of the library on electricity and hopefully Dad will get a chance this weekend to do some electrical "experiments" to help him understand better.Last week we spent at least an hour working with money, but because he wanted to. I know I learn a whole lot more when I want to, so it only makes sense that they would too!

As for Emily, I'll give her a day off , then it's off to work with you child ! Lots to learn at a garden center, and making money too, welcome to real life !

Emily is now on the couch working on another picture, and watching the movie The Nativity (Bible study) it just keeps getting better !

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day, Emily's last day of school, it's funny to see how she's changing or maybe she's not, maybe I'm just more inclined to see the educational value in things that don't involve a classroom. Yesterday she sat down and drew an amazing picture of a flower in black and white, I was truly impressed (This is art class, right ?) She then made another, I sent her to the basement for some frames and before long she had framed art...who knew ? Today she went out back and claimed a corner of the property for her own. On Monday she rescued an orphaned purple leaf sand cherry bush that was in the sad discounted section of Mahoney's. She lovingly planted the bush in her new space and seemed truly proud to have done it. She cleaned out the leaves, used a rake, shovel and other impliments of destruction and whallah, the corner is now beautiful. (Horticulture class) She will be planning meals on a weekly basis, shopping, preparing, cleaning up (home ec, math, budgeting, finances, banking) Who knew real life could teach you so much, or maybe that's where learning started ?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008 Happy Mother's Day!

Started off the day with Danny surprising me with a small bluebird pin, it was very cute and I was very happy...did I say I really like surprises ? At 8:30 Emily drove herself to work then I came back home to pick up Danny for Church at 10:05. Afterwards Dad thought we'd make use of the stiff North wind coming off the pond and try a little kite flying. He and Dan had a great time while I enjoyed some down time. Lunch and a nap were next on the agenda, Mike slipped out to pick up Em just as I was waking and said he'd stop at the store and pick up something for dinner, can't wait to see what it is, I love surprises, especially food ones ! An hour and a half later he arrives with Emily and hiding grocery bags behind his back that turned out to only really be a deterent so that Emily could sneak in the house unnoticed with a couple of really pretty Mother's Day plants. Mike made peppercini pasta, grilled a huge rack of ribs, and steamed 3 lbs of steamers which we devoured just in time to do a quick cleanup the plant ourselves on the couch for the 2 hour season finale of Survivor. Survivor is nearly religion in our house, everyone picks there favorites and we battle it out to the end, lights out with popcorn....It's just something we do every Thursday. Usually my first choice ends up being the winner, but for the last two series I've chosen Amanda...she's been in the final tribal council twice now but just can't seem to convince the jury that she should be the winner. That's ok, Ozzy professed his love to her, and being the romantic I am, think that is better then a million dollars. Hope they live happily ever after.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008

We had a very busy day today, Emily took herself to work ( I just had to drive back) at 9am then Dan and I hurried to try to see if some little kids we know were playing T-ball, we're hoping that Danny can join them, but it was pretty wet outside and when we arrived the field was empty. No worries, onward we go to Green Briar for a 10 o'clock storytime with Ms. Mary. Dan got to pick a book Tadpoles to Frogs and Ms. Mary gave him a gift to give me for Mother's Day...the kids good, he brought it home and hid it without a word...can't wait to find out what it is. Afterwards we went to the Sandwich library for a Peter Rabbit puppet show which was fun, then to Mashpee High School for touch a truck. Dan had a great time and enjoyed sitting in all the different vehicles even though it was raw and wet. I was surprised that he was willing to sit in the hearse, with a casket even but he seemed unfazed. After a very busy morning we went home to decompress until it was time to pick up Emily and go shopping for my Mother's Day present at Mahoney's. I chose two pink and white double clamatis for the front of the deck, and two six packs of Tomatoes...maybe they'll even grow this year. Emily drove us all home and Mike gave her pointers along the way...she's such a big girl now ! Dinner with the Leone's wrapped up our night. A good day all in all, can't wait to go to bed, so I can see what little Dan is hiding !

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008

Men's night plus the girls make for a busy day. Men's night is a dinner that happens every Friday night and is at one of three families' house. This week it was at our house, we had sausage and meatball subs with provolone cheese, buffalo and teryaki chicken wings, and brownies for dessert. It just so happens that every third Friday I babysit my friends little girls. Seneca is Danny's age (4) Ruby is almost 3 (in July) and Joey just turned 1 (May 2nd). Sometimes cooking and keeping track of four young children is a challenge, but my better half is usually home on Friday's and jumps right in to do what he can to make the day go smoothly.
Seneca and Danny have started to play really well together, Joey's still little and mostly just likes being held, which leaves Ruby quite a bit of room for mischief, and subsequently, drama. They are great kids and we enjoy having them. They break up what is very quickly becoming a fairly quiet home now that Dan's getting older. The three older kids played up in Dan's room while Joey took her morning nap, then Mike and I packed them up and went to Critter Capers at Green Briar. Ms. Mary took out a toad and the kids had fun learning all about them. Back home to the usual lunch and nap. It was a very wet day so after naps the kids watched Alvin and the Chipmunks until Buzz came to pick up the girls. The usual group for men's night wrapped up by 8:30 or so and bed shortly there after.

Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5, 2008

What an exciting day today is. Emily is 16 years old and we're on way to Falmouth to the RMV to take the permit test. Emily has been itching to drive since she was 9 years old and I'm happy to see her finally old enough to do it. We get to Falmouth and they promptly tell us that they're computers are down. We decide to wait for a little while in hopes that they come back up. After about 30 minutes we decide that we'll drive to Yarmouth. 45 minutes later we arrive in Yarmouth, we quickly move through the line, verify our paperwork, pay the fee and Emily is ushered into a little room to a computer terminal. I sit out in the waiting room, thinking everything is great, my little girl's going to get her permit, it's her birthday...what a good day. Until she comes out and tells me she failed...."what" I say..."How could that be?" "You've studied that book for months, you've wanted to drive all your life what happened???" She said "It was hard" Now I'm in a state of disbelief and ask the man if there's a waiting period before she can take it again, he says no...she can take it again right now...UGH...This was not part of the plan, to top it off Emily was hoping to go to school today. Dan's been bugging me to go to Bonkerz, a kids play area right around the corner, and I kept telling him no. I asked Em if she wanted to try again and she said yes...So we pull into Bonkerz and I tell her to sit in the car an study. Dan has a great time, Em studies her book (It's not that big a book) and off we go back to the RMV, wait in line, verify our paperwork, and pay the fee and Emily is again directed to a computer in that little room. I take a seat and wait, and watch...and it's excruciating. It's her birthday, this was supposed to be easy! There's another man in there taking the test, he stands up and walks out. The proctor asks him how it went, he said "not this time" apparently he's taken the test 3 times and failed, he looks of sounds mind and judgement, mid 30's and he failed? I begin to wonder what exactly is on this test. So I watch Emily, her expressions give her away and I can tell immediately when she's missed a question. She looks really stressed, she's shaking and sweating and I really want her to pass this test. She touches the screen one last time and puts her head in her hands. Stands up and smiles and then I knew she'd done it. Whew...quick trip to McD's and off to school, when we get close Emily decides it's too close to the end of the day and just wants to go home. The mail has a couple of surprises for Emily, she's thrilled with the gifts and Danny uses a pair of scissors to fashion a vest and shield from the envelope. Emily chose her favorite chicken for dinner, and we enjoy a nice quiet evening at home.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4, 2008

Emily's birthday party is today and she decided that she wanted a Danny the dinosaur cake, I don't know why. Mom, Aunt Fran and Holly are due to arrive at 2pm. I needed to go to Walmart today so I figured I'd drop Emily off at work then head there since it's just a little further down the road. It's a dreary rainy day and Emily decides on the drive that she should probably call work and see if they want her to come in. They say no, stay home.'s hard to shop for the kid when she's with me. I wanted to get something for Em that showed her that I knew she was growing up, but didn't want to spend a whole lot, so I sent her away and headed for jewelry. I found a pretty bracelet made from crystal and gold and asked them to wrap it up. We decided that we'd pay for Emily drivers Ed ($860) for her birthday, but I still felt like she needed something special to open. We arrive home and pulled her cake out of the freezer and gave it a quick coat of frosting (Cakes are much easier to frost when they're frozen) I threw some chicken wings in the oven that were ready just as the family pulled in the driveway. We decorated Emily's cake, laughed at the silly singing cards Fran and Mom gave her, played Monopoly and just had a good time. At 4pm we cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers, and at 5pm the Mike, Laurie, Matt and Janni Leone arrived for cake and ice cream.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3, 2008

Today is Joey's 1st Birthday party and it was my job to decorate the cake. Buzz brought the undecorated cakes last night... 2 round, 1 square, and 1 rectangle and said here, do something with these ! Jen wanted it to be similar to the invitation so with a little creativity and lots of frosting we set to work. It came out nice and everyone was pleased. If you can't figure it out the square went in the middle, the circle cakes were cut in half and placed on either side and the top and bottom, then the rectangle cake was cut into the number one...pretty ingenious if I do say so myself. Dan and I partied with the Harmon's from 11am until 4pm and went home tired and full.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

Danny built a lego car all by himself and was very pleased with himself.

Here are the kids in front of their trees. Emily's tree is a dwarf peach, it blooms pink flowers and bears fruit. Danny's is a dwarf plum and blooms white flowers, and doesn't bear fruit (so far) His placenta is planted underneath his.