Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13, 2008 Christmas shopping and Healthy Children's project

So Mike and I started off yesterday morning (Friday) by dressing and feeding Dan and sending him off to school. Emily had already gone off to work and with 3 hours to kill and no Christmas shopping done yet, we decided to head for Falmouth to get some done. Gotta love Walmart. We browsed, and purused each and every isle looking for appropriate and fun Christmas gear, and came away with nearly everything we were looking for except some Wii games of which Walmart was dreadfully lacking. We got in the van, looked at the clock and realized it was only 10:15am, still another hour and forty five minutes before we could pick up Dan so I suggested we drive into Woods Hole and find a coffee shop. Mike and I aren't generally the fru-fru coffee type but he agreed and through the cold mist we made our way into down town. Woods Hole is a quaint little town, much like Newport with less access which makes me dread it in the couldn't pay me enough to go there in season. But on December 12th it felt like a fine extravagance. We quickly found a parking spot and coffee shop and went in.
Working at Dunkin I've "done" coffee for years. Working there recently taught me the difference between Lattes, cappachino's, espressos, etc. I stay away from all of them at work. But this coffee shop was different and offered about 12 different flavors of Latte's and decided it was time to try one. I chose Chocolate mint, and with the first sip of froth from the top new this was my new favorite thing in the whole wide world. Mike ordered a Sumatra regular....a tough thing to do in a fancy coffee shop, we found a quiet banquet by the windows, I leaned up against him with my feet on the bench and enjoyed the luxury of my latte. We talked, laughed and drank for 20 or so minutes before getting back in the van for the 30 minute ride back into Mashpee. On the way we noticed that one of the shopping centers had a new game shop and decided with 20 minutes to spare to stop in. They had used games, cheap and buy one, get one so Mike and I deliberated the choices and purchased three.
We made it to school just in time to get Dan, who excitedly showed Daddy around. Then we went to Bobby Byrnes (Danny's favorite restaurant) for lunch to celebrate him starting school. A quick stop the toy store and we headed home so the boys could nap, and I could go out for a run before our warm wet day turned into a cold dry one.
While checking e-mail later I noticed one from a woman I hadn't talked to in ages and all of a sudden light dawns on marble head. Zoe worked at the center for breastfeeding with the healthy childrens project way back when Dan was a baby, and since we spent so much time at their playgroups became good friends. Well, Dan out grew them and we moved on. However way back in 2005 I took a course through them and became a Certified Lactation Councelor. Thinking back I decided to e-mail Anna the head of the program and Adjunct professor about any job opportunities she new of and although she didn't have any right now, she said she'd keep her eyes and ears open. Also, my CLC cert is due to expire the end of the month and she encouraged me to file for an extension then take one of their courses in March to fill the requirements for the recert. It's a field I love, one that coincides with my future midwifery training and one I'd forgetten nearly all about. As much as I like working at D & D, now that Dan has started school and will go to full time Kindergarten in the fall a real grown up job would be nice, while doing my training. I also sit as one of the board of directors for the Academy of Lactation Policy and Procedure, based through the Healthy Childrens Project, although at last meeting I think we voted to disolve it into the Healthy Childrens project. I might have to look into that more!

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