Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14, 2008 Graeme Base

The homeschoolers were invited to meet the childrens author and illustrator Graeme Base. http://www.graemebase.com/Home.cfm We didn't own any of his books but always like to meet such creative people and since he was going to be at the Sandwich library, we thought all the better. We took Emily to work then headed over there and made it just in time for the start. Turns out he's an extremely talented story teller as well as artist and Dan was enthralled with him. He read his book called Enigma which is a story he wrote based on his son's relationship with his grandfather. During the reading Dan raised his hand to ask a question. Graeme stopped reading and patiently asked Dan what he wanted to ask. Dan said "Can I borrow that book when your done with it?" Which immediately raised giggles from the crowd. He can be quite charming when he wants to be. We decided to buy the book and Graeme signed his name along with a picture of a rabbit that he just whipped up. There is a video of the signing to the left if your interested. It has a safe in the back of the book which you have to unlock using three keys. Dan couldn't wait to unlock the safe to see the code. I'm sure we'll spend a substantial amount of time tonight deciphering pages. Maybe I can get Mikey to do it!

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