Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2, 2008 Presents from VA & snake

We also were delighted to find in our mailbox on Monday afternoon a package from VA. The kids love getting their own envelopes and even though Dan can't read very well yet, he doesn't let Em read his either. Dan got a great T-shirt in the perfect size with the names of all the Azore Islands printed on it along with cows making funny faces. He wanted to put on Monday night but since we were having American Chop Suey for dinner I managed to convince him to wait until Tuesday. Em got a small plate with cows on it. When Dad and Kathy took Em to France, Emmy was their cow-pilot, so a cow plate was fitting. The kids love that they're thought of on a regular basis, and Emily usually attempts to write back, although I'm not sure she always makes it to the stamps.
Today was the first day the sun's come out in over a week and we were thrilled to see it. We usually meet Jen and the girls on Thursday at Oakridge

Danny found this beautiful mayfly.

. Today we arrived, and Dan immediately got out of the van and ran off to play. Jen, Buzz and I caught up for a bit. Then all of a sudden I heard Danny screaming "snake". We've tried to catch one all summer long, so I ran over and gently put my foot on top of it to keep it still, reached down and picked it up. We were immediately surrounded by children who wanted to touch it. Jen went to my van and found the specimen jar I always keep there, while I held it for the kids to touch. We gently lowered him into his temporary home and the kids resumed their games. Dan played until nearly 1pm, then we went home to have lunch, and make a home for our our new friend. We dug some dirt from the garden, planted some grass, found some rocks to make a hiding place, and added a pool of water. Then we went down to the logs and started lifting them to find some earth worms for Mack. We found several, put them in the box and he immediately started eating. Then he moved over to the water and took a drink. Really very comfortable behavior for an animal who has just been put into captivity.

It's been 3 months without alcohol, or meat and I've officially lost 50lbs so far. My goal is 136, I'm just 26lbs away! Em and I went shopping at Old Navy on Sunday and I happily found 5 pairs of size 8 shorts for $4.99 each. I was worried I wouldn't have anything to wear when we went down to Florida in February, but I think I'm all set now!

Mack the snake

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