Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13, 2008 King Richard's Faire and Dennis the Manatee

Dennis didn't make it... :-(
I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. As we watched news footage yesterday morning and calculated the approximate time of arrival of Dennis at Sea World, I commented that the sheer weight of the animal out of the water must put an unbelieveable strain on it's organs. I'm no expert, just a 38 year student in the law of gravity. Even thought it breathes air, it's meant to be in the sea. Are you going to tell me the experts didn't take that into account? Either way I can't help but think that he might have been better off right here swimming around and enjoying Sesuit harbor and the attention from the locals before he succumbed to the cold. Do we as humans have the right to interfere with natures anomalies? Even if we can, should we? I'm not so sure.

We met Mom at the King Richard's Faire at 10:30am when the gates opened and were suddenly transported back in time. I was not expecting what I saw on the other side of the gates. Women were dressed in tight corsets with their breasts propped up so high that when they looked down their chins rested on them. Men wore varying outfits that ranged from pirates to knights in shining armour. Some were mere peasants others royalty. The stranger the better. For the first time ever Dan was truly unsettled with the environment around him. Normally outspoken he was unusually shy and nervous. Emily was attacked (her word, not mine) by a vendor who wasted no time in adorning her with horns, Mom was with her at the time and indulged the seller. They were passed around throughout the day. Dan really liked the Siberian tiger cubs and the tiger show. Some of those cats are unbelieveable huge.
It was a little unnerving sitting so close toHercules a 900lbs eating

machine controlled only by a small chain.
The company that owns and breeds these animals is based out of South Carolina and offers VIP trips.

Dan was very excited to become a pirate, learned the special pirate salute and all the rules! He also had a chance to shoot a bow and arrow at a target. He became a knight by hitting a moving target later in the day. We watched the first jousting tournament but made the mistake of thinking we were going to have lunch afterwards along with everyone else who attended. Next year we will know. I was hoping to dress up but I felt significantly unsure with the choices, options and what I wanted to be I never committed to anything. Em and I are both going to work on a costume to wear next year.
Something with a corset I think! All in all a fun day. It was great to spend some time with Mom even though we lost her frequently, the place is of manageable size and lost was a relative term. Mike the kids and I stopped at Michael's craft store on the way home for the materials to finish the stained glass window then went to see if we could find the Dunkin Donut baking facility. I know it's on Kendrick Rd which is basically a road running through an industrial park but without the exact address we were unable to find it. I worked again last night with my Brazilian friend. She's so slow it's like working by myself, which I'd rather do. Did I ever think I'd call my early days at Dunkin the good old days? I didn't, but they were!

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