Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

Tax day today- Happily our taxes are paid by this date and more happily we won the abatement to our property taxes that I filed. Our 2007 property taxes were asssessed at 237,000 our 2008 property taxes were assessed at 330,000. After the abatement we were reassessed at 225,000. 12,000 less then 2007. Hurray !

Our propane man came today, and I quickly ran out to ask him about the birds nest that I found inside. He said he'd noticed, said it was ok and asked if there were any eggs. There weren't any the last time I checked. This time there were two small red speckled eggs. Initially I thought it was a tufted titmouse, but after some researched I discovered it was a house wren nest. I decided to record it with Cornell university and look forward to seeing this new little family be born. http://www.nestwatch.org/

Marley still hasn't come into season and still no luck catching a garter snake, even though Dan and I have we've spent substantial time and effort looking for one.

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