Monday, April 21, 2008

April 21,2008

Today is Sampson's 13th Birthday. Mom, Aunt Fran, Susie and Holly came for a visit, and Emily had the day off so she got to spend the day with us. They arrived at about 10am and we immediately piled everybody into the van and went down to Green Briar to show them the Jam kitchen. We also noticed that the swans have 10 cygnets, their very small and we're guessing that they are probably only a couple of days old. Afterwards we went to Seafood Sam's for lunch, then to Twin Acres Ice Cream Shoppe in Sandwich. Dan had Orange Sherbet, and although Emily declined ice cream she sampled each of ours.
Our propane tank bird has 5 eggs now and the female sits on the nearly constantly. We've also had several more visits from the swans. I wonder if they'll make our pond their home. Dan and I planted three rows of sunflowers, bush beans and cucumbers today...I hope the weather continues to stay warm. We already have peas, radishes and lettuce sprouting.

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