Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30, 2008 Bloodwork & Emily's Dad

So as I may or may not have posted last week I had my yearly physical with my primary. It was the usual, blood pressure 122/70, pulse 74, weight 166lbs. Asked me how everything is, and except for a small unhealed mark on my back everything is great. (he's going to remove it the end of October) and 5 minutes later I was out the door with my bloodwork order. I know the routine so I fasted that morning and went directly over to C-lab. I was called up the counter, ushered into the vampire chair, poked and sent home. My appointment with Doc B was at 9am, we left C-lab at 9:02.
So this morning I called for my bloodwork results. My diet has been so restricted I was concerned that I might have deficiencies. Turns out everything came back better then good.
My blood sugar was 87
My cholesterol is 129
Triglicerides 43
HDL 41
LDL 79
Pap- normal
I was pleased with the results especially since we spent an hour of our day yesterday at RI Hospital visiting Emily's dad who had a heart attack last Tuesday. He spent 3 days in ICU before he was sent down stairs. He's expecting to go home tomorrow. He had a blood clot that went to his lungs and made it nearly impossible to breath. He had some pain in his left hip a few days before so the doctors surmise that's where it started. He also found out he has diabetes. When he arrived at the hospital his blood sugar was over 600. He's only 10 years older then me and it really hit home that nows the time to get healthy, because it's only going to get harder as the years go by.
This afternoon I had an appointment with Cape Cod ENT. In some strange turn of events instead of being scheduled for the vestibular test, I was sent to see another ENT. He was very nice, and wrote up the paperwork for the VNG, ran a couple of tests and asked if I'd ever been tested for lyme disease. When I said no, he said he thought it was a good idea. He also asked if there was anything that I do that can bring an episode on, and I explained that sometime rubbing or pressing the back of my neck could trigger an attack. He contemplated that for a moment and suggested that this whole thing might be caused by a pinched nerve. I don't like the idea of chronic lyme disease at all, but a pinched nerve? What's the treatment for that, daily massages??? I'm voting for pinched nerve hands down! I went over to C-lab to be poked once more, then to the grocery store to pick up some bananas for dessert. Emily's itching to make something sweet so I challenged her to find something somewhat healthy involving fruit. She chose banana's foster sans the rum. It'll balance out the fried chicken and french fries!

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