Friday, April 3, 2009

April 3, 2009 - Mom and Mo return and anniversary

So we didn't end up going to RI. I hadn't considered that the truck might not be unloaded yet and since it was raining didn't want to force them to do it earlier then they were ready. It turned out fine. I had some strange blister like bites that appeared on Emily and I shortly before we left Florida, Em's are mostly healed, but I broke out with a new patch and decided a call to the MD might be in order since some airport employees were reported to have scabies. Turns out it was nothing, maybe sand fleas, but no worrisome parasite. Jen and I had talked about taking turns with the Seneca and Dan on Thursdays after story time so Jen said she's take was 11am, Dan was gone, my MD appt was at 2:15pm and I had NOTHING to do. I decided to go get gas over at Stop and Shop in Wareham because you earn points from buying groceries..I was very excited when I paid $1.35 a gallon. $24 to fill the van from empty. From there I went up to 195 at Wareham crossing to visit the target store since I'm on a mission to find fun spring clothes. It is so much fun to fit into clothes I've become nearly obsessed, I'm not buying alot but I love just trying things on and think I've visited just about every clothing store in a 30 mile radius. I did some shopping, then headed back to the MD. Usually I'm in and out with Dr. B, there's usually not anyone esle in the office, but today I sat for 15 minutes before I was called in at which time I told them I'd have to reschedule. I'd told Jen I'd pick Ruby up at school at 2:45 and it was already after 2:30. The receptionist said no problem and told me to do what I had to do and come back. Ruby was very excited to see me and I was glad to have some alone time with her, I miss them all. Dropped Ruby off at home and quickly went back to the MD, to find out that I had nothing. Back to Jen's to visit with them for a while, then we went home. It was just about 5:30 when we got there, Dan decided he wanted to play up in his room while I cooked dinner, after a few minutes I realized that it was awfully quiet, looked up stairs and Dan was in his bed fast asleep. I made an attempt to wake him with no luck, he growled and rolled over. He'd been up early and had a full day playing with the girls, so I thought maybe he was really done for the night. Mike came home and tried to wake him as well, but no luck. We decided we'd just let him sleep. We had dinner, cleaned up , and retired to the living room for survivor. Derek and Omayra even showed up and watched with us but Danny never stirred...until 5am. I was happy he'd slept that late and reluctantly joined him in the living room for a new episode of Magic School bus.
Our day today was fairly uneventful. I took Dan to school, the letter of the week was O and wanting to be a trickster twice this week he brought in Oatmeal to share with his class. Wednesday he took Olives. I went to the gym, broke 10 minute miles on the elliptical which was a first. Did the stairmaster when I realized there was a great breeze. Who knew they could open the garage doors behind our machines, what a huge difference it made to have cool air circulating. I showered there and then went to Marshalls to see if I could find a tan skirt to match the white and tan top I bought at filenes basement, no luck but I did try on some really nice dresses. Picked Dan up from school, and found out that Dan was picked to bring home Brownie the teddy bear. Dan's been talking about Brownie for a long time, and what's he's said all along was that when Brownie came home with him he wanted to take him to the Boston Aquarium. Hmmmm....Since we had to go to the Mashpee Library anyway I checked for a pass. No good, they were out. However I sat down on one of their computers, quickly brought up the Sandwich Library website and checked to see if they had passes available. Sure enough, one pass left, I reserved it and told Dan the good news. Boston Aquarium on Sunday. Afterwards we walked across the street to the consignment shop, and I tried on a few more dressses and was happy when I found a skirt for $4.50 that fit perfectly. I decided that with my spring/summer wardrobe all set there was no more reason to shop and have now sworn it's like my new obsession, who knew I'd turn into a shopaholic!
Oh and the anniversary? 6 years ago today I quit smoking...which is a good thing since cigarettes are up to almost $10 a pack!

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