Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009 What's happened in the last month....

It seems hard to believe nearly a whole month has passed. There has been lots going on here and as spring approaches we find our calendar quickly filling. Emily returned to work at Mahoney's part time the weekend after we returned home. I spent two days with Anna and Cindy from Healthy Childrens taking a lactation class upon our return and quickly remembered how much I loved the field and how much I missed them! I'm now looking at working on a bachelors in lactation through the Union Institute, so more classes, lots of online work but since it's mostly distance and online learning I'm looking foward to it. I've also been asked to take the position of Assistant manager at work, and have been accepted into the CNA program at 4C's for the fall. It's all very exciting and I'm thrilled to out of the house more. On that note I had a terrific time at a Sandwich Women's club event which very closely resembled TV's dancing with the stars. Jen and Buzz had an extra ticket and thought of me, I had a terrific night out with friends, dancing the night away. It was a great time!
Emily is a great help with Dan, and he's taken to the juggling quite well. Danny's doing about the same. While we were in Florida Emily was feeding him a strawberry but instead of biting the strawberry he bit Emily's finger. Suddenly he frowned and we noticed some blood. He'd loosened his tooth on her finger. Yesterday he said, Mom...I have something in my mouth. I looked in and sure enough, his first adult tooth is poking through behind the baby tooth. Where did the time go? He also went with Daddy last night to Mike's woodturning meeting, he's getting big enough to understand when he needs to settle down and just sit and/or listen and he and Dad have really been spending alot of time doing guy things together. It's a beautiful thing.
As for Mike, he's been busy too. Still has some art in the Color Obsession gallery and was asked to speak at a round table discussion last Thursday for the artists guild. It was a long day but he came home happy with lots of contacts, and having done lots of networking.
What's in store today. Well, the gym new favorite place and since I signed on to babysit two three hour shifts a month my membership is now free and so is the cost of the daycare for Dan when he comes with me....I love that!!!! I'm doing 20 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the stair master on level 11 fatburn and 10 minutes on the stationary bike every day along with alternating days of nautilus either upper or lower body. I'm currently in a size 6 and weigh 138lbs. Trying to tone up the legs and back side since they are still a little jiggly! Dan has Mr. Parsons at Sandwich Library at 10pm then we're headed to RI to welcome Mom and Mo back since they either returned yesterday or the day before. Should be a good day!

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