Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8, 2009 Easter Egg coloring

The days are passing and we're watching our schedules and calendars quickly fill up. With no time on the weekend to color Easter eggs we alotted time on Wednesday night. We had a quick left over dinner then got down to business. Two dozen eggs were quickly colored in various pastel colors and everybody had a great time. Dan had terrific time at school hunting for eggs that the Easter bunny hid very early this morning. He also enjoyed seeing all his friends yesterday at school for picture day. He was 4th from the last to have his taken, but he wanted to stay to see his friend Cora have hears taken. Dan and Cora will be singing a duet in the spring play, they'll both be dressed as sailors and will sing Bell bottom trousers together, very cute...we can't wait!

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