Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009 Boston Aquarium

So, I wrote this blog yesterday, but just as I was getting ready to hit the publish button, gmail went crazy and deleted everything except for the letters sl. I don't remember what those letters were part of, but at this point I guess it doesn't really I'll start this again, and this time save as I's happened before, you'ld think I'd learn.

Saturday was good, Dan and I went to the gym early, I was happy to see that the day before wasn't a fluke and I again did more then a mile in 10 minutes. Its funny to think that the body learns, grows while I'm seemingly unaware...I like that the machine quantifies my progress. I returned home for a quick shower and laundry hanging before a mandatory Dunkin meeting that only 4 of us bothered showing up for. Nothing exciting, just rules, rules and more rules, then 4 hours of freedom before my shift that night, and Mike, Dan and I made use of it by taking Bricky and Marley over to Boyden conservation area for a run. Work was ok, Jeff and I with a trainee and since we were done early, set Jeff up with some training in the office.

Sunday was scheduled to be a busy day. I didn't sleep well Saturday night and awoke several time with a sore throat. 6:30 came early and I rushed out of the house to be at the gym for 7am. A quick workout, then home to hang two loads of laundry, let Maddie (our neighbors dog) out and give her some breakfast, then shower and out of the house for our trip to Boston.

Mike made the ride a pleasure and we, including Brownie, enjoyed our ride into Boston and directly to the parking garage closest to the Aquarium. Usually Dan and I ride the train, it's cheaper and he likes the adventure, but as soon as you add one more person it becomes cheaper to drive in and park. We bought or tickets, for both the Aquarium and the 11am IMAX under the sea. With 45 minutes till the show we enjoyed watching the penguins and the fish, turtles, etc swimming in the huge tank in the middle. We exited then entered the theater only to be turned away when the film jammed the projector. It was now after 11am so we decided it was time for lunch over at Fanuil Hall. Dan had a corn dog with chips and a sprite. Mike had two slices of Regina's pepperoni pizza and a diet coke, and I had a vegetarian dumpling soup from the sushi place. We took it out to the steps and sat. Lunch was followed by checking in at the IMAX to see if they're issue was resolved and we might be able to see the 1pm show. It was fixed and with another 45 minutes to wait we revisited the Aquarium and actually found a jellyfish exhibit we'd missed the first time around and was well worth going back in for. 12:50 and back to the theater we went, sat down, and the show began. It was 3D and a little scary for Dan, I fell asleep a couple of times during it as the cold, and the lack of sleep from the previous night set in. Mike enjoyed the show though and glad he finally saw an IMAX, I think we actually sat too close to the screen, because it was blurry at times. Next time we'll know. We headed back to the garage, got everybody buckled in and Mike expertly drove us home. I think I may have seen China town before my eyes closed. Next thing I saw was our pond in front of us, looking back I realized that Dan was asleep as well. A little rested and feeling somewhat better I went to work. Relatively easy night with Jeff, but glad it was over and a warm bed was waiting.

I arrived home to find that Mike had filled in Brownie's book and thanked him profusely. He also took the camera to CVS and printed a collage to be included in the book. He did a great job and i was happy to not have to do it in the morning before school...what a terrific Dad!

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