Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2, 2009 Disney Day 7

We started off the morning quietly. I enjoyed a nice hot bath, the kids slept in. We eventually made our way to the lobby for some breakfast and then caught the shuttle to the Ticket and Transportation center for our connection to Animal Kingdom. We'd decided during the morning that we would buy a ticket for Emily and with a 5 day costing only $7 more then a 3 day bit the bullet and ordered one up. We immediately headed for Dino land where Dan had fun playing at the playground, then found a dinosaur version of the Aladdin's carpets and Em agreed to accompany Danny on it. Mom met us there shortly after and with a ride on Dinosaur and the Nemo show in our sights decided to get a fast pass for Dinosaur then get seats for the Nemo show. Nemo was great, Dan was nervous during the shark part but had fun during the rest of it. It was nearing lunch time so we decided to head to the camper for lunch. Em made some chicken salad, I had a tomato, avocado, onion and boiled egg salad, and Dan had Mac and cheese and applesauce. Mom had a huge chocolate covered rice crispy treat...oh, the example she sets!!! LOL. With bellies full we went back to animal kingdom. First on the list was the Dinosaur ride we didn't make it to earlier, Dan was nervous but had a great time, then a speed run over to the Mickey/Minnie camp got us to the Lion King show just in time. We had top row in the Lion section. Dan loved it. Next we headed North to the safari which was amazing in the late afternoon sun. We made the slow trek back to the gates past the anteater which Dan had been wanting me to see all day. He was taking a nap but a handler was gently trying to coax him into thinking he was hungry. We said goodbye to Mom and went back to Ticket and transportation for the ride back to the hotel. On the way we saw a car that had apparently missed a turn and gone right over an embankment and into a pond. Very exciting stuff. I took the kids to the room and went back over to the Perkins restaurant that's in front of our hotel for a salmon Caesar salad for me and burgers with fries for the kids. We watched Monday night shows while Dan watched Brer Rabbit on my laptop...I'm getting soft, laptop for kid entertainment...sometimes it's gotta be done....

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