Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009 Disney Day 9

Quite a luxury tonight, our ghetto hotel has come a long way since we got here (3 days ago) and they now provide WiFi to the rooms, so hurray, I'm blogging from my bed, my absolutely favorite place to blog from.

The kids and I were excited to first see our favorite shuttle bus driver Giovanni this morning and second to see our favorite Spanish family climb aboard. Dan and Alejandro commenced their lingual lessons, this time colors and us Mom's kept them busy for most of the ride. We parted ways, they were going to Hollywood Studios, we were going back to Epcot. We arrived shortly before 10am, and called Mom on our way to Soarin and found out she was already there. We each got a fast pass then hurried into the 30 minute line for the first of two rides of the day. Dan was thrilled to do it again and even more excited to share it with Emily now that she was nervous and he was a pro. Em thought it was great and we departed for the Seas to see Nemo and Crush. On our way out we spied Mom and Fran doing what they do best....eating. Caught in our sights they joined us for undersea adventure, Fran positioned Dan right in front at Turtle talk and Danny was thrilled when Crush picked him to talk down below. We then went back to Soarin to use our fast passes before we said goodbye. We ate at the land and road the agriculture ride per Emily's request. Then started the long trek around the worlds. Our hotel "concierge" Sherry recommended we see Off Kilter so that was our only agenda. We browsed Canada, sat for a very funny show in the UK, and watched a movie in France that had a wrap around screen very much like Soarin but with technology 20 years in the past. It was still great and the scenery amazing. We walked into Morocco where Dan saw Genie and actually wanted to stand in line to have his picture taken. Since it was approaching 3:30 we chose the boat as our transportation back to Off Kilter in Canada. Sherry was right, we weren't disappointed. With the day mostly done we decided Space ship Earth would be the last ride. It's come a long way since I was there in 95 and we all had a good time, especially afterwards powering a city and building a body. Back on the monorail and the big blue bus home. Dominos pizza for dinner, and most of the packing done for our move back to the campground tomorrow. Glad we've designated tomorrow as an off day, we've been very busy and since the temperature is steadily climbing we're hoping for some pool time!

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