Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 3, 2009 Disney Day 8

Another slow morning and other then the fact that Emily has been bitten by what we think might be bed bugs and after a hasty change of bed linens at 8 o'clock last night the kids settled in for the night. I awoke at 6:30, took another hot bath and although the bathroom has several cracks, crevices and other various holes to allow critters to come wandering in, I've yet to see any. Emily now refers to our abode as the ghetto hotel. On the upside, it was only a meer week ago that she didn't want to sleep in a tent, now she can't wait to get back to it, my how things change given a little perspective. We decided we'd spend day 8 back at MGM, Danny thought he wanted to learn how to be a Jedi until he saw the show and realized Darth Vader was involved, at which time he decided maybe he didn't. We went right to the toy story ride, got three fast passes for later on and then stood in the 30 minute line for the ride. It moved quickly and Em and Dan had a good time riding it together. Emily had a run in with a silent but persistant green Army man as we made our way over to the Power Rangers and the Honey, I shrunk the kids playground, which Dan really liked, except for the enormous sniffing dog nose. We decided to grab a bite of lunch since the little debbie breakfast snacks at the hotel only held their charm the first day. I had the Asian salad, Dan the chicken nuggets and Emmy a cheeseburger at the commissary. Mom met us there, where she and Em decided they wanted to see American Idol. Dan and I unsure but optimistic about Rockin Rollercoaster took all the passes over there to get a fast pass then, went in search of the Incredibles, and Danny's new tattoo, he picked at squid daggar. We found Freeze guy and took a picture. Dan was also happy to see Handy Manny and gave him a mighty karate chop, don't think Handy Manny saw it coming! We met Mom and Em back under the hat for the High School Musical parade. Dan wanted to see Lights, Motors, Action a stunt show, and Indiana Jones again and since Mom had seen them both headed for Rockin Rollercoaster then back to the campground. Dan was too short for it anyway and without Mom as motivation Em and I quickly decided to hand our fastpasses off to some friends we met at the block party parade at 3pm.

The stunt show was amazing and Dan had a blast, we made it over to Indiana Jones just in time to see the beginning and I think Dan was glad that Em was there to see it to. We enjoyed a leisurely bucket of popcorn before the toy story block party which was fun, then wrapped the day up with the our fast pass toy story ride and the Little Mermaid show which was cute. Back to ticket and transportation, and the big blue bus ride back to Knights inn, which I driver forgot and drove right past. Thankfully we've made some friends from Spain, who have a little boy Alejandro who only speaks spanish. Dan and he have started trying to talk to one another, with his mother and I translating and teaching the boys the other language. It was really pretty remarkable to see Danny speaking Spanish and Alejandro speaking English. Another night wrapped up and since I'd drank my one a night quota of mini wine bottles spied a liquor store within walking distance. Took the kids orders for dinner, placed it then picked up my new supply. Dinner was good, we were all exausted and I'm sure asleep before 9pm. Dan and I are still battling Em's cold and hope it lets up soon!

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