Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009 End of Disney

I was vigilant about blogging every day but as the end of our trip neared and the stomach bug that effected my lower body took hold, I lost my resolve. Dan and I did indeed spend most of Thursday at the pool after making a stop at the comfort station to wash all the laundry we took with us to the ghetto hotel, and ourselves as to not infect our hosts or tent with any unknown and/or unpleasant stowaways. Emmy contracted the stomach bug as well, and brought our disney park hopping to a stand still. Emmy spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning throwing up. We did manage to squeeze in a evening boat ride into Magic Kingdom to see the Spectromagic parade, the fireworks and tinkerbells flight from the ice cream shop right on Main Street, one of the most coveted spots. Dan loved them and Em and I took some pretty good pictures. We attempted to go into Downtown Disney on Monday morning but just as we were getting ready to board the bus, the stomach bug hit Dan as well and instead he and I went back to camp, while Mom and Em went to picked him up some legos for the plane ride home with the Disney dollars Susie gave him for Christmas.

Tuesday morning came too soon and at 7am we were riding in the back of Mo's truck down to the Outpost to check out bags, get our boarding passes and ride the magic express back to MCO. It was an uneventful ride and a quiet wait at the airport until our flight was called. Mike met us at Logan shortly after 2pm and before we knew it we were home. We had a great trip, spent too much of it under the weather, but hey, it's Florida and it was warm....I can't complain. In the end we spent two days in each park. More then enough really, it's not like Disney is going anywhere and if we'd done everything, there wouldn't be any reason to return.

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