Monday, March 2, 2009

March 1, 2009 Disney Day 6

We woke up this morning to clear skys and warm humid weather. Our low temp overnight was only 60 and even though the weather reports predicted rain and cold, I somehow found it hard to believe. Dan and I optistically took our ration of ibuprophen/acetominiphen and headed for the bus stop going to Epcot. We made it there with only the occasional bus wait and excitedly took the necessary pictures in front of the "big ball" With Soarin as our primary goal we quickly made our way to the land, and stood in the relatively short 20 minutes line. Soarin was AMAZING, neither Dan nor I was sure if we'd like it but both agreed it was unbelieveable. We walked out after that and the weather had changed dramatically, it'd gone from being a little drizzly to down pouring and the temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees. We went the the Living sea next and rode the Nemo ride, which Dan really liked then went to visit Crush at Turtle talk which was lots of fun.
We tried to go into the charecture spot so Dan could see Mickey but the line was just too long so with a few things done, cold and wet we headed back to the camper. The sky's cleared just as we were arriving back at Fort Wildreness and with the new realization that Florida can indeed get cold I checked availablility and prices with the conceirge at some of the value hotels for the next few nights since temps were forcasted to get down into the 30's and the cold that Dan and I have is showing no signs of letting up. With the lowest price of $150 a night we went back to the camper, grabbed the laptop and went over to Meadow Trading post. Logged onto the Knights Inn, which I had scoped out prior to the trip, made a phone call and within minutes were booked Sunday through Wednesday nights. A Lynx bus from Ticket and Transportation would take us to and from. Perfect. Broke the news to Mom and Mo who I think were probably relieved in a sense considering I'm quite sure the idea of 5 of us crammed into their little camper passing germs around didn't sound like much fun to them. Dan and I took a walk to hunt alligators while Em and Mom went to see the movie Push at Downtown Disney. We were pretty excited when we found three of them, tiny as they were...I was a little lesss nervous about Dan playing by the creek. Em and Mom returned and the kids and I made our way over to Magic Kingdom, climbed aboard the monorail to ticket and transportation and found our bus which magically took us right where we needed to be. Love it when that happens. The first room we were in blew only cold air from it's heater but we contacted the front desk and we were quickly moved to another room. We settled in, the kids watched TV while we waited for Chinese food to arrive. I guess we let the room temp get up to a comfortable 80 or so degrees before we turned it down. Emmy's cheeks were a lovely shade of pink.
Home sweet Home!

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