Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28, 2009 Disney Day 5

High temp 82, Low 60....perfect...

Today started off as has become typical of Fort Wilderness. I awoke around 5:30 and rolled around and enjoyed the silence until about 6:15 when my bladder couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed my bathroom bag, robe and towel and headed for the showers. There's something completely blissful about walking barefoot just as the first light is coming through the Spanish moss. I didn't feel very well and judging by Danny hacking cough didn't figure he was going to either. I arrived back at the camper just as the coffee was done brewing and sat and enjoyed the early morning with Mo. Mom awoke shortly after, followed by Emily and eventually Danny at 8am. The weekenders had arrived and the stream running behind our house was filled with boys playing war games. We decided we have a quiet slow morning and shoot for the Spectromagic parade and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom provided Dan took a nap. He and I went down to the settlement so he could play at the playground and I caught up on uploading some pictures and blogging. Mom called after about half an hour and said she and Em were headed to Downtown Disney, and Mo was going for a bike ride. Dan and I decided since it was lunch time that we'd eat at the Trails Inn all you can eat buffet. We played a huge game of connect four, Dan won twice, I just once before our pager rang letting us know our table was ready. The buffet was nice but geared for those that eat meat. I had a nice Caesar salad and green beans with onions. Dan had macaroni and cheese and an ice cream sundae. We decided it was time to go home. Danny went over to the other side of the creek to play with the boys and had a great time. At 2 o'clock I called him home for a nap. I put on my suit and laid in the sun....and fell asleep. Dan however didn't nap and at 3:45 we decided he'd tried for long enough. Mo said he'd seen an alligator further down the creek so Dan and I went for a walk. We found a few lizards, a deer and some fire ants (the hard way), but no alligators. We returned home to find Em and Mom back. Dan decided he wanted to play with the boys for a while longer and ran off. The other boys must have been called in for dinner because Dan returned looking for something to do. Mom suggested they try fishing, but was worried about taking the fish off the hook if they actually caught something. I told her I'd blog and stand by for fish hook removal. They didn't catch any fish but I did assist with a couple of tangles. Mom and Dan returned the fishing rod while Em and I caught up, computers dueling behind the Meadow trading post. Aunt Fran had been given an arcade gift card that she passed along to us, so that's next on the nights events. It's been a slow Disney day but with 15 days and a 10 day pass we knew we'd have some down days. This was a nice one.

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