Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 10, 2009 Emily flies to VA, and Museum of Science

Our day started very early. Mike woke me up at 4am with a cup of coffee. I climbed out of our nice warm bed (thanks to our electric blanket) and out into the cold world. Quickly dressed, woke Emily and started the van while Mike showered. I carried Dan down from the loft and directly into the van, we left the house at 4:35am.
The trip to Boston was uneventful. Danny didn't fall back to sleep, but rather kept himself busy with his Leapster. Emily seemed calm and happy. We arrived at Logan a few minutes before 6am. Checked Emily's bag in at Jet Blue and sat to wait at the airport D&D until the boarding of Emily's flight was imminent. Then we ushered her to security, gave her a hug and watched her as she entered and exited the checkpoint. She was on her way. Mike, Dan and I went in search of the observation area, unfortantely when we finally found it we couldn't see her plane. With no time to move again, we waited to see her plane in the air, since we did have a good view of the end of the run way. That's her plane airborne just as the sun was breaching the horizon. I couldn't help but think what a wonderful adventure and what a great day for flying. Another first for my not so little girl.
Mike, Dan and I found the car. Paid the $12 it cost to park for 2 hours and headed for The Boston Museum of Science. While in route, Dad called and since I'd neglected to find out what time the museum opened enlisted Dad to check for us. We ended the call with love and thanks, and asked him to let us know when Emily had safely landed in Richmond. We went to the museum and even though the exhibits didn't open until 9am the museum itself was opened so we strolled and took advantage of the bathrooms, and the sights to be seen from the outside. Dan did find a sign that said Live animals this way, so following the signs we made our way to the basement where sure enough the animals lived. There were snakes, rabbits (not in the same cage) two white ferrets and our favorite a Meercat. She was really cool, obviously very aware we were there and very curious. She blinks from the bottom lid up, very strange to see. We liked her and I sent a picture text to Em knowing she would like her too. We made our way back upstairs a few minutes before 9am and just as we were shoving our coats into lockers got a text from Emily saying she'd landed. I was relieved and continued to text back and forth with her until she'd found Vavo, claimed her bag and were on their way home. The boys and I bought our tickets, decided we'd see a 3D shark movie at 10am and started exploring the museum. As always lots to see and do. Our collective favorite was the taxidermy room. We were all very impressed by the saber tooth tiger skull, and the Kodiak and polar bears. Dan loved the shark movie, the guys looked pretty daper in their glasses. We finished exploring just about noon. Paid $13 to park there for 4 hours. With the $5 per person library pass and the movie admission for all of us the total was $28. Not too bad for a morning at the museum. We quickly found the highway and made our way home, with a brief stop at Old McDonalds in Plymouth for an on the road lunch. We arrived home at 1:30pm. Full and tired and we all layed down for a nap. It was a good day. Emily's happily visiting her grandfather and Kathy for 12 days, Dan had a great time at the museum and I had a night of work to look forward to. Unhappily another snow storm as well. Winter in New England.....

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