Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009 Virginia for Danny and I?

I was sitting watching TV this morning, it was shortly before 7am. Mike and I were navigating the day each in our own way. Mike is usually very quiet in the mornings, like to take an hour or so to meet the day and warm up to what it holds. Generally it takes me only a few minutes and my mind is in high gear and about as sharp as it will be for the entire day. Yes, sometimes I do feel bad for Mike. The morning of New Years Eve for example, then again this morning.
So we sat on the couch and watched as our sweet local weather woman JC Monahan told us that it was going to be so cold in the next few days that even the snow birds were going further south....and I thought...hmmmm....I don't have to work again till Saturday. Dan only has one more day of preschool this week due to an administrative day anyway. Em's in Virginia. Dan and I could leave early tomorrow morning and be in Virginia by suppertime.....I turned to Mike and spewed my plan. Yup, he thinks I'm nuts but being so understanding and knowing how much I hate the cold he agrees it's a good idea. We decided to keep the plan a secret from Dan until all parties were in agreement. I dropped him off at school, then called Dad, Kat and Emily to make sure it was ok with them. They all said sure and the plan was set. Danny was very excited that we were going and he and I spent the afternoon getting ready. He really enjoyed shopping for snacks for the trip, something he never gets, and helping me shop for stuff that we know Daddy likes so he'll have plenty to eat while we're gone, and picking movies from the library for the ride down. We packed up everything we needed, and headed to work. Emily usually watches Dan for us between 5pm when I go to work and 6:30 or so when Mike gets home, but with Emily gone we decided I'd take him in with me and Mike would come home a little early. It'll work! And this time tomorrow we'll be in temperatures very similar to what we're in now, at least its not 5 degrees!

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