Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 Palpitations

Sleeping with the monitor wasn't that bad and I awoke this morning around 7:30, got Dan up, ready for school and out the door right on time. I feel pretty good so far today, still having a racing heart from time to time, but no more feelings of passing out, so far so good. Dan and I had a discussion about what he'd do if the situation happened again and although he didn't want to talk about it, am now confident he'd be able to at least find my phone and call 911. Hopefully GPS tracking would do the job and we'd get the help we needed. I hope we never have to find out. Just one of those things I never thought he'd need to he knows...

Dan and I spent the afternoon hanging around playing games. Mousetrap is his new favorite and he plays it relentlessly. I think he has more fun setting it up then actually playing so sometimes he just does that, without playing the game. We played Mario galaxy for a while before it was time to make dinner, at which time he switched to Wii cars, one of the games he can play by himself. I made rotini with meatballs for the boys, a seared tuna steak for myself with garlic bread and Cesar salad. We finished dinner and the guys resumed their game of cars. I impatiently counted down the minutes until I could remove the monitor and take a nice hot bath, then tucked Dan into bed and climbed in myself. I couldn't use the electric blanket the night before so I was thrilled to curl up under it, with a good book.
Emmy comes home tomorrow, the plan is for Dan and I to drive up to Braintree, meet Mike there, drive into Logan together, I'll run in and get Em and her luggage, while Mike and Dan drive around avoiding paying the $12 parking fee.

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