Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009 President Obama, Danny's first date, Palpitations

It's Tuesday morning here, and although from where I'm sitting it feels just like any other Tuesday, today is going to be written about in history books, as the day that the United States of America swore in it's first African American President. We've really come a long way in a short amount of time. Although he wasn't my first choice, I hope with everything I've got that he gets in there and does some really great things, fast. America could certainly use some good news right about now.

Friday we awoke, back in 6 degree Massachusetts, and I cursed my decision to drive north. I should have thrown caution to the wind and followed my gut. I might have had to drive all the way to the Southernmost tip but warmth I would have eventually found. Dan and I did a little shopping then went over the the Mashpee Library for 1pm story time. The Waldorf school was there doing a little play, and there was a raffle for movie tickets that I quickly scrawled Danny's name onto. He sat and watched the play, I logged onto one of the library computers. A half hour passed quickly and I suddenly realized that someone was calling Danny's name. A bit alarmed I walked over to the corner and was surprised to find out that Dan had won the movie tickets to see Hotel for Dogs, he was very excited. We checked out a couple of books and since Buzz had the girls decided we'd go over there for a little while to let the kids play together. On the way, Danny asked if he could ask Seneca if she'd like to see the movie with him, like a date, he said. I laughed and told him it would be OK.
We arrived, took off our coats and shoes and the kids proceed to play. Dan asked Seneca to the movie. Very cute. Buzz and I decided we'd take them Sunday at 1:20pm. Saturday passed, and Sunday arrived. I asked Dan if we should met Seneca and Buzz at the movie and he said, usually the boy picks up the girl. I laughed, the boy is TOO much. We got Dan in the bath and dressed for his date, picked up Seneca and Buzz right on time. Walking into the movie Danny asked Seneca if she'd like to hold his hand, she said OK. Very cute. Dan gave the attendant their tickets, we got some popcorn and found a seat. The movie was cute, at one point I looked over at Dan and Seneca sitting side by side and swatted Buzz's arm. Dan was puckered up for a kiss, Seneca wanted no part of that and Dan went denied. We drove them home, visited with Jen and the other girls for a few minutes before we had to say good bye, so I could go to work. Fun day.

Monday was the MLK holiday but Mike had to work, Dan and I went to Kmart to pick up Big Brain academy for the Wii, brought it home and played for a while. Pretty cute game, and Dan can play by himself, we're doing all we can to promote some quiet alone play, as Dan will exhaust us otherwise.

Tuesday morning we planned for Buzz and the girls to come over here for the morning while their cleaning lady made their house sparkle. The kids played for a while, Buzz and I watched as much of the inauguration as possible with 4 children 5 and under running around. Ruby had school so Buzz and the girls had lunch and said good bye, the kids wanted to continue playing so we decided he'd bring everybody back after school and Joey's nap, and I'd make dinner. Dan and I ran out to the store. While there I felt strangely weird and my heart was racing. Not sure of what was going on, and having palpitations on a pretty regular basis, I decided to call my primary from the parking lot since I was already out and these episodes were starting to make me nervous. He was on vacation, I got the number of the on call doctor and decided to head home.
On the way, I felt my heart start racing again, and suddenly felt like I might pass out, not a good feeling driving 45MPH down a single lane road with no shoulder and a 5 year old in the back seat. I suddenly thought what might/would happen if I really did go out, would Dan know to find my phone and call 911, would someone stop to help, would that person really help. I think my panic might have exacerbated the issue. I remembered that if you were having a heart attack that you should cough hard and long and gave it a few tries. I did seem to help and the feeling was lessened. I immediately called Laurie who wasn't home, then Derek who lives next door. Quickly asked him if he could watch Dan when I got home, explained what was going on and thankfully he stayed on the phone with me until I pulled into the driveway. The feeling had passed but I could still feel my heart racing.

Once home, Dan safely with a friend of Derek's who was visiting, I called Elias, my dear cicada loving cardiologist from NY. Told him what had happened, he reassured me I was OK, but would need/want to see somebody today. Derek and I unloaded the groceries and put them away. I called Dr. Bowers' on call doctor who very coolly and calmly took my name, birth date etc. I found myself getting very frustrated with them, and realized it was starting again. Derek agreed to drive me to the hospital, we packed up Dan, made a quick call to Mike to let him know what was going on and we were on our way. Elias called en route and agreed if it was happening again I needed to be seen immediately. How lucky am I to have such a great friend. We arrived at the hospital only minutes before Mike, Derek agreed to take Dan home with him and watch him as long as we needed him too....lucky again, another good friend.

We were eventually taken into the ER and met there by the two best nurses Jane and Mary, ever. I was assessed, blood was drawn, and port left. Hooked up to a blood pressure cuff, oxygen sensor and heart monitor, and seen by the doctor who quickly ordered a chest X-ray. It was amazing how quickly things happened once I was in, and it was only a minute or two from the time it was ordered until I was being pushed down the hall.

The X-ray was uneventful and I was back in Room 3 in no time. I'd asked Mike to run down to Stop and shop to pick me up some lunch since I hadn't eaten all day, so he'd returned and I enjoyed some sushi. Then we waited. X-ray came back normal, one of the blood test was a little off and the doctor said it could be an indication of a blood clot, and ordered a chest cat scan which I was again quickly whisked away to. This time dye was injected into my port and within seconds I felt warm and tingly all over, an interesting sensation. Back in my room and just waiting I was happy to see Jen who had just finished her shift upstairs, she came down to see what was going on and ultimately lifted my spirit and made the wait for those results bearable. (you never know what they'll find when they start looking) before too long and PCT came in with a portable heart monitor which was my cue that I was being sent home. 7 electrodes were stuck to my upper and lower chest and a playing card sized box was fastened around my waist by a belt, the CAT scan came back normal, there some question about a possible thyroid connection but the results weren't back yet.

I'm to return the monitor after wearing it was 24 hours and a cardiologist will assess the results and send them to Dr. Bowers. So I'm to follow up with him next week unless I hear from the hospital sooner or I have another episode. I was released about 9:00 and while calling Derek to check on Dan was told that he was making us dinner. Nice, we were hungry. Dinner was great, Dan was sad to leave but exhausted and was asleep before his head hit the pillow. I curled up next to Mike on the couch and fell asleep.

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