Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24, 2009 Cold and playdates

Emily arrived home from Virginia uneventfully. We took Dan to play in the children's room until only minutes before Em's flight was due. By the time we got down to her gate my cell was buzzing. It was her asking where I was! She was down stairs in baggage claim. Mike went to get the van, Dan and I went to get Em. 10 minutes later we had her and were on our way. Stopped at Chili's on the way home and she talked endlessly. Called Vavo to let him know she'd arrived safely and to ask him if he'd kept her gagged the entire trip, she was just verbally vomitting. He said she barely talked the entire time she was there! Always strikes me when someone says my children are quiet.....because No, really...they're not!

Saturday morning started off as usual. My friend Marie has been encouraging me to join USA Fitness for women down the street but it's really expensive, like $200 for 3 months plus paying for childcare. I told her I'd check it out but wasn't opptimstic. I'm pretty happy with my weight loss and seem to be holding steady despite not exercising on a regular basis, however I don't expect that will continue for very long and I can't feel my diet starting to slip back into familiar patterns....warning, warning!!! I did go shopping this week one morning while Dan was in school and found a dress I really liked. I'm not sure where I will ever where it but it felt really good on! I bought it and saved the reciept so I can return it if I change my mind.

My neighbor Pam found my on Facebook this morning, befriended me and before we knew it we were scheduling play dates with her son Justin and Danny. Dan's been dying to play at Justins house but he's in Kindergarten and is not home much during the week. Pam and I decided to let them play at their house and see how it went. They did great, Dan and Justin played fairly well together considering they have similar like to be the boss. The play date went so well, and since Pam was sick we decided to ask Justin over to our house to play on Sunday. It was a lousy cold day, but between playdough, legos, the smart cycle and wii we kept them both entertained. Emily had a play date too, her friend Ben came over and showed her some notes on the new electric guitar Mike brought home and sold Emmy and amp for it. It was a fun weekend.

The weather continues to be cold and I can't remember such a long stretch. The pond has been frozen for weeks, still I haven't taken my overactive preschooler ice skating despite him having skates and a new snowsuit...Derek our neighbor did volunteer to take him out one day, I don't think they made it to the pond but since the whole world is pretty much covered in ice these days, the neighbors yard worked just as well.

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