Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009 Harmon Girls, Emily's trip to VA

We had a mostly quiet day on Sunday, it was miserably cold and I can't help wishing I were someplace warm. I have a friend in Ft. Lauderdale who keeps nudging me to visit and since a trip down to help a friend move fell through I'm itchy to go. However Emily was the one we were booking a flight for very late on Sunday night when I got home from work. Emily will be flying Jet Blue Boston to Riohmond on Saturday January 10th and returning Thursday January 22nd. I'm glad she's going and I know she'll have a great time, although I'm still working on Mike to take Dan up skiing for the long MLK weekend so I can go to the beach. We'll have to see what happens. I did enjoy a wonderful Monday, I dropped Danny off at school at 9am - then drove to the Shinning sea trail in Falmouth for a run. We'd had icing the night before so the first mile or so on the trail was ice skating, but as the sun rose the trail melted and I enjoyed the much needed exertion. A long leisurely coffee break was followed by another high energy sprint back. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to do the round trip so Emily agreed to pick up Dan at school and since she didn't get to see the Tale of despereax with Dan and I on Friday decided she wanted to take him to see Disney's bedtime story. With time to spare I did some shopping and met them at home a little after 2pm. I had a terrific morning,was glad to have expended some much needed energy and have some time to enjoy myself. Since I had to work I set up roast chicken, mashpee potatoes and asparagus for Em throw in the oven.
Tuesday I had a doctors appt with a new gynocologist. My current midwife is in Wareham and with no future plans to have children decided it was time to find somebody closer. My primary suggested a doctor in Falmouth who is only a Gynocologist and just recently got appointed to chief of Surgery. We met only for a consult but I liked him instantly. I had orginally planned on taking Dan with me but Buzz was taking the girls to the CC children's museum and invited me to drop him off there so I could go alone, I agreed. My appt went a little long so Buzz decided to take all the kids to our house until I got home. It was good to come home to a house full of children. Joey ran into my arms yelling with arms flailing. I miss those girls sometimes! We fed them lunch and the kids played, Dan was so happy to have them there. We set them up with movies upstairs, Joey and Ruby took turns using Buzz and I as trampolines, we finally got them sort of settled down and watched Hook for a while. 5pm came and it was time for them to go. Dan wanted a toy with his birthday money from the Stop and Shop in Mashpee commons, the house was trashed and with only a vague idea of what I was making for dinner knew we needed to get moving. I decided to try making french onion soup with scali bread patti melts. Of course saw 3 people we knew at the store and arrived home at 6pm in a frenzy trying to get dinner made before Mike got home. With just about everything done, table set, swiss cheese happily burbling on top of a very nice french onion broth, and crunchy french bread cubes, 3 inch thick patti melt sandwiches nearly perfectly browned, Mike pulled in and declared he wasn't really hungry! UGH!!!! He ate a little anyway, dinner was good. I had made a piece of salmon for me, with some mixed vegetables. We cleaned up dinner and settled in for a quiet night.
Wednesday we woke up to rain with a one inch layer of slushy ice coating everything. I had to make a quick trip out to the store, so we dropped Seneca's bottle off with Buzz at work then went stopped at Cape Maid farms so Dan could play with the animals. On our way home we stopped at Stop and Shop in Marston's Mills to pick up dinner. Danny decided it should be ravioli, garlic bread and salad. We picked up what we needed and left. However I'd forgotten that Dan had brought his leapster into the store, we had used one of the car carts and accidently left it there. I didn't notice until I got home and since it's at least a 10 minute ride frantically called the store asking if anybody had turned it in. I got a very rude person who was no help at all. I drove back and thankfully found in right where we left it. That leapster is the difference between a nice quiet 4 hour flight to Florida in February or a very loud obnoxious one.

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