Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009 Valentines, Birthdays, Disney

Things have been slow and steady here. We've made it half way through winter, and are now enjoying the days getting longer. The boys did try to go out ice skating on the pond one particularly warm day but there was a layer of slush on top that made it nearly impossible. Took the token picture as proof of their efforts. I'm lucky in that my birthday is just three
days after Valentines day so for me, it's almost like having a birthday week. Since I had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights Mike gave me my Valentines day roses and dark chocolate bar on whole day early, thus extending the usual birthday week celebrations.
A card came on Saturday along with a little something from a store called Secrets in Wareham, and my Birthday present. I'd asked for an MP3 player for the gym and after consulting with the guys from work Mike ordered a Sansa from Amazon, which conveniently arrived on Saturday as well. Surprisingly enough he said I could have it early , he usually likes to torture me, and happily went off to the gym on Sunday morning with my tunes playing. Very happy, but too much Mama Mia, had to tweak it just a bit later on.
I'm still doing well at the gym, have sort of gotten into a routine and have gone just about every day since joining. I spend 20 minutes doing a glute elliptical workout. about 2 miles and 200 calories, then climb on the StairMaster for a 15 minute fat burner workout which involves 68 flights of stairs at varying speeds. I started at level 7 and am at level 9 now. About 150 calories and 1.5 miles. From there I go on to the nautilus machines and alternate upper and lower body. If I'm really feeling brave I do some squats at the captive bar...I always feel those the next day. Dan loves going to the babysitting room because there are always new friends to play with, he's so very social.
On Sunday (February 15Th) Marie and I took a trip to Newport. Had a nice salad at Coddington, tackled Hanging rock, toured the Breakers, dined at Brick Alley for dinner and finished the night with the movie, He's just not that into you. It was a good long day, and we were exhausted but had lots of fun.* Unfortunately I forgot the camera, the view from Hanging rock was amazing, and the Breakers beautiful, it's always fun taking someone who's never been.
Tuesday quickly arrived and so did 39. Emily surprised me with the Mama Mia DVD, which is right now safely packed in my suitcase...Thanks Em...that was nice! Thanks also to the many who e-mailed, sent cards, virtual or real, called or texted. You really made the day special. Mike and I had made tentative plans to go to Wimpy's for dinner. Emily agreed to watch Dan providing she get to have Buffalo chicken wings and Margarita pizza for dinner. With the deal sealed, Dan and I headed off to the store. Dan decided since it was my birthday he was going to do the shopping. He ordered from the deli, "a quarter pound of bologna please" he picked out some birthday flowers for me, and even unloaded the grocery onto the conveyor belt. What a nice boy! The tulips he picked were beautiful and I was pleased with the gesture. Mike arrived home just in time to change and head out for our 8pm reservation. As I got into my seat he handed me a fairly large box, told me to hold it on my lap. I could open it at the restaurant. I had absolutely no idea what could be inside, but sure I'd already received my big present was intrigued. We sat down, ordered coconut shrimp, a couple of Irish coffees...we talked about our day. The box sat, patiently and waited. Finally I asked for it, started opening it and was absolutely astonished at what was inside. Right now I am typing on my brand new laptop, in my bedroom on my nice warm bed. No more sitting at the cold desk for me! No more blogs that freeze just as I'm getting ready to save. I was so excited, and immediately texted Em who I knew would be green with envy. She was...and still is. Have I ever said I have the greatest husband ever??? Well....I do. Thanks Honey! We enjoyed a great meal. Mike had the end piece of Prime Rib, I had Cioppino which for being in a red sauce was excellent. Way too much food, but we took the rest home. I couldn't wait to try out the new laptop....haven't put it down since, and still haven't let the kids touch it, much to Emily's dismay. I had a great birthday.
The rest of the week and weekend we spent preparing for the upcoming trip, trying to stay busy and make the time go by faster.
As of today, I think everything is done. Mike has enough human and dog food, clean clothes, cream and coffee to last him well into our vacation. The kids and I are mostly packed. A few loose ends to tie up, but we're ready. Dan and I went to Walmart this morning and while there remembered I had wanted to have a bracelet with his name and my cell phone number made up just in case he got lost. With no time to order one, I spied the dog tag maker and called Mom for the campsite address. He now proudly wears around his neck a rainbow dog bone shaped tag with his name, mine and Em's cell numbers and the address of our campsite. It's Disney, I'm less worried about him being abducted and more worried about him just getting caught up in the crowd....he's just one of those kids...he likes to wander. Now I won't worry quite so much, and he loves it!

On an up note. Mike our neighbor is doing a demo job on an old church and asked us if we wanted the old stove and dishwasher. I've dreaded parting with my stove, but this
0ne is old too, and the same kind so since the price was right
(free) I accepted both. Free isn't always free because Mike
has probably 10 hours invested in fixing the oven. But now it works and although it's brown I don't care! The
dishwasher will take a little work to get it going, plumbing, electricity etc, but I'm in no hurry,
we've been this long without one!
The pond has steadily melted and as of today there is only an ice flow left in the middle of the pond that stubbornly refuses to melt. Hoping to see it gone before Mike takes the kids and I to the airport on Tuesday.

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