Friday, February 27, 2009

February 27, 2009 Disney Day 4

Started out this morning at 5:30 with Emily needing to pee and Danny complaining of a sore throat, at that might hopes of making use of the warmest day yet and going to Blizzard Beach quicklly went out the window. The kids fell back to sleep while I scanned via cell phone light the brochures for Animal Kingdom and decided we'd do that instead. The kids both fell back to sleep but I got up showered and returned to Mom who had coffee waiting. She and I decided that we'd go into town and do some shopping, pick up Dan another air mattress and come back and take Dan to the park. What I hadn't expected was that Emily would summon enough courage to do it alone. About midway into our shopping trip I texted her and sure enough she and Dan were waiting for the bus at the outpost for Animal Kingdom, what a terrific thing! Mom and I finished shopping, and returned. I made the beds in the tent, returned the pillows we'd been using as a mattress to Fran and started two loads of laundry. And am now...well... you guess it...blogging...The kids returned from Animal Kingdom at about 1pm, they did a Bugs life and took some pretty cool pictures. Em sucessfully got herself and her brother to and from Animal Kingdom. We fed them lunch and since Em didn't feel very well put her and Dan both down for a nap. With 2 hours at least to kill Mom and I decided to make use of the pass and go into Animal Kingdom ourselves. I have a knack for buses and no sooner did we arrive at the first the first bus stop we were stepping off at hour destination. We decided we'd go see the Lion King show since Dan would probably be more intersted in Nemo. It wa sgreat, lots of singing, dancing and acrobats. I managed to get a pretty good video. Next we walked up to the train so Mom could show me a huge Cicada she'd found but on the way noticed that the safari only had a 10 minute wait and decided to do that as well. The train was next. I texted my dear friend Elias with a picture of the huge Giant Malaya Cicada...always impressive. It was nearing 5pm and the park was preparing to close so we made our way back to the buses, as usual one was waiting for us and promptly departed once we climbed aboard. We were back at the camper by 5:30. We figure it's probably the first time in over 20 years that we've spend so much time alone together in one day. It was very nice. We made some dinner, then I took Dan down to take a shower, before the campfire. We had cowboy Bill tonight and he was great fun, Dan and I took a picture with Dale and stayed for half of Toy Story before Dan was treatening to collapse from exhaustion. I took him back and tucked him into the tent alone, he quietly went off to sleep on his new Lightening Mcqueen air mattress.

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