Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009 Disney Day 3

Ah....Home Sweet Home......

Dan and I had Oatmeal for breakfast and since we knew Aunt Fran was planning on going to MGM decidedc to walk up doward the purple bus stop to see if they were up and out yet. Uncle Gary was waiting outside and said they were just getting ready to go. Aunt Fran handed Danny an envelope with $10 for him to spend at Disney. He was very excited and thanked her. Dan and Uncle Gary looked for alligators while we waited for the bus. Eventually it arrived and we took the uneventful ride over. Fran was very excited to ride the new Toy Story exhibit and once there we knew why. It was crazy and fun. It's a two person 3D ride where your driven by different ranges and you accumulate points by shooting at targets. I scored 118,000 my first time, pretty high considering. Dan had better accuracy however. From there we went to the Great Movie ride, which I've done before but forgotten, Dan liked that one as well. Next on our list was Star Wars and with at least three rides under their belts Aunt Fran and Uncle Gary decided to say good bye. Dan had a great time in Star Wars, I think he really thought we left our planet. On our way out we realized that Mom had called, so we called her back. She was on Rocking Roller coaster and would be right over. Dan tried with all his might to be chosen to learn how to be a jedi with no luck. With the same plan as the day before we got some lunch. Mom had an Asian salad that she took a few bites of then passed on to me. I had some fish sticks and apple slices and Dan had a cheeseburger, grapes and applesauce. We made it over to the Indiana Jones set just in time to find three seats. The show was great, three stages moved away and a dozen or so volunteers from the audience were properly embarrased. Mom had a fast pass for rockin Rollercoaster so we went back over there before heading back to the campground. The ride home was uneventful, I quickly put Dan down for a nap, and went over the the meadow trading post to blog. Unfortunately Dan snowed his Grandmother into thinking he'd napped and within 30 minutes I was summoned home. With most yesterdays blog complete. We had some more lunch, and hung around for a while. Mo took Dan to look for alligators. Emily must have been bored because suddenly I was attacked with sunscreen because my face looked a little pink. I ran away to the trading post for a few quiet moments in the sun. I arrived back at the camper just as everybody else was returning. We decided to take a walk down to the settlement. Perfect, I thought....Dan can play at the playground, and I can blog....that's what we're doing right now....until my battery died anyway. Once back at the camper,Mom, the kids and I shared a huge strawberry shortcake before heading over to the Chip and Dale campfire. Dan has stood in line twice to see Chip and Dale and ushered away because the lines were just too long. He was pretty excited to know he'd have a chance with them tonight. Cowboy Anthony sang some songs, and called us up to do the Hokey Pokey and chicken dance which Dan excited and I not so excitedly joined. Dale made his way to over to us and gave Dan a great big hug. We made it back to the camper in time to see Survivor which Dan barely made it through, then off to bed. We were all pretty exhausted.

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