Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009 Disney Day's 1 & 2

I'm sitting at the Meadows trading post, in a rocking chair facing the sun. My new laptop quite effortlessly picked up the wireless signal and whallah, blogging I am.

We had a terrific trip yesterday. Mike dropped us off at the airport, we checked bags, went though security, and made our way to the gate with only a half hour to kill before boarding. Dan and I went down to a little side market and picked up a couple of tuna sandwiches, bags of chips and a container of fruit and joined Emily who was keeping watch over the bags. We boarded the plane, and Dan sat between Em and I, Em chose the window. The flight was uneventful, Dan spent most of the time building and playing with a star wars lego set we'd saved just for the trip. Our flight arrived early, and we quickly deboarded, claimed our luggage and we're on the Disney Magic shuttle. Just an hour and a half later we were safely and happily at Fort Wilderness where Mom and Mo were waiting.

We settled in for a bit, then asked Dan what he wanted to do first. With Lego land as his answer we quickly made our way over to Downtown Disney. Mom and I ate some dinner, while Dan played. We bought a tub of legos for $7.99 quite a deal considering Dan probably chose 100 very small pieces. I knew they'd be worth their weight in gold during the trip.

Em, Dan and I climbed into the tent at about 9pm. Em didn't feel well and grumbled about the early hour but it didn't take long before we were all asleep. Dan woke us up at 3:30 needing to pee, out the door he went and since his airmattress had deflated during the night brought him onto the big air mattress with Em and I where we pretty much slept until 6am when the birds started chirping. Dan and I grabbed our stuff and made for the showers, dressed and were returned to a hot cup of coffee, thanks Mo! Mom arose shortly after and after a short discussion decided that Dan and I would take the boat over to magic kingdom and Mom would meet us there later. Em decided to take a bike ride and Mo did some grocery shopping, again...thanks Mo. Grocery shopping was the last thing I wanted to do. Dan and I arrived in Magic Kingdom right on time, quickly went through security, and slid our passes through the machines just as the 9am clock rang. The attendants eagerly covered us in mickey shaped confetti.

Dan and I made a bee line for Great thunder mountain but were side tracked by goofy at Splash mountain. Dan decided he wanted to try that first so on we went. I think it was a little more excitement then Dan anticipated but agreed to then go on Great Thunder mountain. By the end he was getting the general idea that Disney might have some surprises in store for him. Next we went to over to the Jungle cruise which Dan liked but was still a little hesitant about. Just as we were considering our next move, probably the Magic Carpets which I was less then thrilled to ride on, Mom called saying she was in the park and on her way. We decided to meet her at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Dan was thrilled she'd come and gleefully took her hand. He really liked the ride and after Mom treated him to a sword fight in the store that Disney every so cleverly dumps you into after their big rides. Little did we know that right outside, THE captain Jack Sparrow was enlisting a new crew, and Danny was chosen as one of the four. He was pretty excited. Dan, much to my excitement, decided he'd rather have Mom join him on the magic carpets. We explored the Swiss Family Robinson tree house next, then decided that since it was already 11am that eating before the mad lunch rush might be a good idea. Mom and Dan shared mini corn dogs, a hot dog, and some french fries, and I went next door to the bakery and took out a fruit salad, a mozzarella, pesto, and tomato sandwich. Mom found a nice outside dining area and we enjoyed our lunch while watching a parade pass by down Main Street before heading over to adventureland to Buzz Light year.

The line for Buzz was long so we got ourselves some fast passes and killed time in Stitch's escape, which has probably been Dan's least favorite ride so far since Stitch spit at him and the people mover which he thought was pretty cool. Finally it was time for Buzz and Dan loved it, the shooting was right up his alley and there was nothing scary. We decided to call it a morning and went back to the campsite to change into bathing suits. On the way back Danny found a little girl his size, sat down beside her and before you knew it they were best friends. They were going to the pool to and as we seperated promised to see them later. Mom and Em decided to go to the Wilderness Lodge Villa pool, but Dan found it a little dull and was drawn to the slide at the other, so off we went. He found his friend Aubry, and learned how to do the limbo, and play musical bear claws. He had a great time, but was clearly peetering out. Home for a nap, then a bus ride to Wilderness Lodge to walk the exercise path back to the Settlement in search of deer and armadillo. We saw a few deer in the distance but Em and Dan really got excited about the armadillo. We saw 4 or 5 of them, and you can actuallly get pretty close to them. Em named one Demetre and Dan named one fireball, the same name as the pelican he saw earlier at the boats going to Magic Kingdom. We ordered a cheese and pepperoni pizza from the Trails End restaurant ate it outside on the porch then walked down to the beach to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. The end to a perfect day. The kids and I went to bed around 10am and slept straight through until about 6am when I awoke to the first of the bird calls. Em slept in while I showered and we had to wake Danny up at 7:30 to get him up, fed and out the door in time for our adventure into the MGM Hollywood Studios.

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