Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10, 2008

We had a very busy day today, Emily took herself to work ( I just had to drive back) at 9am then Dan and I hurried to try to see if some little kids we know were playing T-ball, we're hoping that Danny can join them, but it was pretty wet outside and when we arrived the field was empty. No worries, onward we go to Green Briar for a 10 o'clock storytime with Ms. Mary. Dan got to pick a book Tadpoles to Frogs and Ms. Mary gave him a gift to give me for Mother's Day...the kids good, he brought it home and hid it without a word...can't wait to find out what it is. Afterwards we went to the Sandwich library for a Peter Rabbit puppet show which was fun, then to Mashpee High School for touch a truck. Dan had a great time and enjoyed sitting in all the different vehicles even though it was raw and wet. I was surprised that he was willing to sit in the hearse, with a casket even but he seemed unfazed. After a very busy morning we went home to decompress until it was time to pick up Emily and go shopping for my Mother's Day present at Mahoney's. I chose two pink and white double clamatis for the front of the deck, and two six packs of Tomatoes...maybe they'll even grow this year. Emily drove us all home and Mike gave her pointers along the way...she's such a big girl now ! Dinner with the Leone's wrapped up our night. A good day all in all, can't wait to go to bed, so I can see what little Dan is hiding !

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