Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008 Happy Mother's Day!

Started off the day with Danny surprising me with a small bluebird pin, it was very cute and I was very happy...did I say I really like surprises ? At 8:30 Emily drove herself to work then I came back home to pick up Danny for Church at 10:05. Afterwards Dad thought we'd make use of the stiff North wind coming off the pond and try a little kite flying. He and Dan had a great time while I enjoyed some down time. Lunch and a nap were next on the agenda, Mike slipped out to pick up Em just as I was waking and said he'd stop at the store and pick up something for dinner, can't wait to see what it is, I love surprises, especially food ones ! An hour and a half later he arrives with Emily and hiding grocery bags behind his back that turned out to only really be a deterent so that Emily could sneak in the house unnoticed with a couple of really pretty Mother's Day plants. Mike made peppercini pasta, grilled a huge rack of ribs, and steamed 3 lbs of steamers which we devoured just in time to do a quick cleanup the plant ourselves on the couch for the 2 hour season finale of Survivor. Survivor is nearly religion in our house, everyone picks there favorites and we battle it out to the end, lights out with popcorn....It's just something we do every Thursday. Usually my first choice ends up being the winner, but for the last two series I've chosen Amanda...she's been in the final tribal council twice now but just can't seem to convince the jury that she should be the winner. That's ok, Ozzy professed his love to her, and being the romantic I am, think that is better then a million dollars. Hope they live happily ever after.

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