Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008

Men's night plus the girls make for a busy day. Men's night is a dinner that happens every Friday night and is at one of three families' house. This week it was at our house, we had sausage and meatball subs with provolone cheese, buffalo and teryaki chicken wings, and brownies for dessert. It just so happens that every third Friday I babysit my friends little girls. Seneca is Danny's age (4) Ruby is almost 3 (in July) and Joey just turned 1 (May 2nd). Sometimes cooking and keeping track of four young children is a challenge, but my better half is usually home on Friday's and jumps right in to do what he can to make the day go smoothly.
Seneca and Danny have started to play really well together, Joey's still little and mostly just likes being held, which leaves Ruby quite a bit of room for mischief, and subsequently, drama. They are great kids and we enjoy having them. They break up what is very quickly becoming a fairly quiet home now that Dan's getting older. The three older kids played up in Dan's room while Joey took her morning nap, then Mike and I packed them up and went to Critter Capers at Green Briar. Ms. Mary took out a toad and the kids had fun learning all about them. Back home to the usual lunch and nap. It was a very wet day so after naps the kids watched Alvin and the Chipmunks until Buzz came to pick up the girls. The usual group for men's night wrapped up by 8:30 or so and bed shortly there after.

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