Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18, 2008 Sunday

It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at my Mother's kitchen table in Rhode Island. We had a great time yesterday. The kids and I met Mike at the zoo. Mike had to get gas so we arrived at the zoo about 15 minutes before he did. Providence was clear, sunny and warm and I started to worry about leaving Sampson in the car while we were inside. With plenty of time before Mike arrived, I proceeded to find the perfect spot that would be in the shade for the entire visit. I was eventually unhappy with the first 10 or so spots we found. Emily thought I was being overly concerned, Dan bless his heart, just went with the flow and got into, and out of the car whenever I asked. Mike caught up with us and laughed a how far away from the entrance I was. I don't care...I'm not going to lose two animals in one day, if she knew what I knew she might be more concerned ! The zoo was fun. Dan's likes to take a quick peek at an animal and then move right on. He was impressed with the elephants and giraffes and did stay to listen to a brief explanation from the docent about the colors on the wall. We were done with the zoo in just over an hour and found a happy, sleepy Sampson seemingly unharmed, so we packed everybody up and headed to Salem, Connecticut for the Cinco de Mayo party.

We got there at 2:30 and Dan immediately ran to the slushy machine then to the moon bounce. He had a great time playing with new and old friends while we caught up on the highs and lows of Progeny life, and gorged ourselves on Mexican food. The kids and I packed up and drove back to RI and arrived here at about 7:30 pm, just in time to get a very tired little boy into a bath and settled down for the evening.

I was the first one up Sunday morning, followed by Mo, Mom, Emily then Danny at almost 8am. Ed watered the house and antagonized Mo for a while, I showered and dressed Dan for 10 o'clock mass. The Holy Ghost feast mass was less well attented then in years past, but it was nice and Danny behaved well. We met up with Mom, Alicia, Taylor and Emily after mass and proceed to Fenner Avenue Hall for the feast. Dan liked watching the doves fly, and really liked the cotton candy. The kids and I decided that we'd go back to Mom's house for lunch and a game of scrabble. I decided to write rather then play but enjoy listening to Mom and Emily's competitive banter...Emily won her first game ever. I haven't seem my son for a little while, I think he's next door with Ed....maybe I should go make sure.

It's Monday morning but quite a bit happened after my last post yesterday so I thought I'd catch up before going on to today's events. Mom, Emily, Dan and I went back to the feast at about 5pm. The rain was just starting to fall, but the tent was up and they were still serving food. We met Holly, Dawn and Julia under the tent and hung out with them for a while. Fran was still working in the food shack. As 6 o'clock approaced we proceeded into the hall for the calling of the names for next years Domingas. Fran and Gary put their name in last year but didn't get it, so they tried again this year. Eleven families were entered, and they started calling names. One by one the families rose and congratulated each other, we're at 6 with one Dominga left to be called. Fran and Gary are #7 so I'm waiting for the that number to be called. And it is, and I whoop...and everybody else is quiet. Am I the only one that remembers that Fran and Gary are #7 ? So now I'm quiet, and they announce Fran and Gary Smith, and I whoop again, this time in chorus and it's wonderful and I think " Nana's touching my shoulder" I look back and it's Johnny enough. Mom, the kids and I hurry back to Mom's house to drop her off, we kiss goodbye and we're on our way back to the Cape. Despite our best efforts Dan falls asleep in the car and Emily and I muse what it'll mean for Fran to have the crown, who will be chosen for the Domingo, who will be crowned? My cell phone rings, it's Fran. "Do you want to be in the Dominga? Does Emily ? Will Dan walk with Angel Julia." Before we knew it, it was decided, and Emily and I are both filled with the happiness of being included and a little fear about what's to come, especially where attire is concerned. I'm sure everything will work out's always nice to have something to look forward to.
As a bonus, the cat is alive and happy when we return....great news, and after a brief call with my Mother in law, we learn that Marley is in heat....more great news. It's been a good day.

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