Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4, 2008

Emily's birthday party is today and she decided that she wanted a Danny the dinosaur cake, I don't know why. Mom, Aunt Fran and Holly are due to arrive at 2pm. I needed to go to Walmart today so I figured I'd drop Emily off at work then head there since it's just a little further down the road. It's a dreary rainy day and Emily decides on the drive that she should probably call work and see if they want her to come in. They say no, stay home.'s hard to shop for the kid when she's with me. I wanted to get something for Em that showed her that I knew she was growing up, but didn't want to spend a whole lot, so I sent her away and headed for jewelry. I found a pretty bracelet made from crystal and gold and asked them to wrap it up. We decided that we'd pay for Emily drivers Ed ($860) for her birthday, but I still felt like she needed something special to open. We arrive home and pulled her cake out of the freezer and gave it a quick coat of frosting (Cakes are much easier to frost when they're frozen) I threw some chicken wings in the oven that were ready just as the family pulled in the driveway. We decorated Emily's cake, laughed at the silly singing cards Fran and Mom gave her, played Monopoly and just had a good time. At 4pm we cooked up some hot dogs and hamburgers, and at 5pm the Mike, Laurie, Matt and Janni Leone arrived for cake and ice cream.

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