Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008 Saturday

We're looking at a fun day today and Dan can't hide his excitement. This morning we will be heading to the Roger William Zoo in Providence, then we'll be going to a Cinco de Mayo party in Ct. This party is usually held on a Saturday around the 5th of May, but this year is his daughters first year at college and she was unable to get home any early then the 17th, so here we are celebrating this weekend. Pooring rain right now but the local weather stations assure us it'll get better as the day wears on. I hope so. The kids and I will leave the party later on this afternoon and drive to RI to spend the night with Mom, then attend the annual Holy Ghost Feast at Jesus Savior Church Sunday morning. Mike will stay at the party and partake of the evening/night time festivities then help Doug take down the tent tomorrow and do some general party cleanup.

So, the cat's missing. Mike doesn't recall seeing her yesterday and as soon as he mentioned it I realized that I hadn't either. I have noticed that she hasn't been throwing up as much, which I did think yesterday probably meant that she hadn't been eating. She's at least 10 years old so it wouldn't be a really big surprise. Emily hasn't noticed but I'm pretty sure she's going to demand that the cat be inside before we leave for the weekend (in approximately 15 minutes) at which time we'll try to blow it off and push her out the door. If that should fail we might have to confess our suspicions and put a sad veil over the whole weekend for her.

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