Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day, Emily's last day of school, it's funny to see how she's changing or maybe she's not, maybe I'm just more inclined to see the educational value in things that don't involve a classroom. Yesterday she sat down and drew an amazing picture of a flower in black and white, I was truly impressed (This is art class, right ?) She then made another, I sent her to the basement for some frames and before long she had framed art...who knew ? Today she went out back and claimed a corner of the property for her own. On Monday she rescued an orphaned purple leaf sand cherry bush that was in the sad discounted section of Mahoney's. She lovingly planted the bush in her new space and seemed truly proud to have done it. She cleaned out the leaves, used a rake, shovel and other impliments of destruction and whallah, the corner is now beautiful. (Horticulture class) She will be planning meals on a weekly basis, shopping, preparing, cleaning up (home ec, math, budgeting, finances, banking) Who knew real life could teach you so much, or maybe that's where learning started ?

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