Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008

It's been a few days since I've posted, mostly because it's been too hot to be inside ! We've had a record breaking heat wave since Saturday, which finally broke last night with a string of pretty violent thunderstorms to our north. We've spent the last few days in the pond, coming in only long enough to eat, or nap/sleep in the AC.

Mike's newest enemy are the noseeums that haunt him almost constantly when he's home. For whatever reason they leave the kids and I alone.

The Cicada's are out in full force, and there is a constant haunting hum in the woods from sunrise till sunset. It's actually quite impressive considering what a small critter they are an how many of them it must take to make such a racket ! I'm glad that it's as loud as it is, maybe there's enough to perpetuate the species and I'll be showing them to my grandchildren 17 years from now.

Emily is working, even in the heat and complaining only a little. She said the greenhouse was 120 degrees yesterday. I would have been melting ! Dan and I have spent most of our time at the pond. He's begun to swim underwater and is growing more confident in his swimming abilities daily. We went to an ice cream social today at the Council for aging and I'm afraid it will probably be our last event there. I take the girls and Dan to the discovery center routinely because we've always gone and Joey and Ruby are the perfect age. I seem to have forgotten that Danny has grown older and has actually outgrown it, easy to overlook when you have 4. Blatantly clear when it's just him. He's aggressive and rough with the other kids and I'm constantly wondering what's going on....a nice learning coordinator looked at me and said, "well he's been doing these little kid songs for a long time" at which point light dawns on marble head....Duh, he's almost 4 1/2, he doesn't want to do little kid stuff anymore. I'm going to have to do some investigating and find out just what it is he does want to do!

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