Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008

It's been a few days since my last entry. On Saturday May 31, Gerry Bunker from the Massachusetts cicada website http://www.mechaworx.com/Cicada/masscic1.asp came to visit again. (There is a cool slideshow with pictures of Dan and a special thanks at the end) He arrived at 8am and he, Dan and I quickly took off to the parts of the neighborhood with emergences. We collected 20 males, and 20 females, took lots of pictures, and then sent Gerry across the pond to Boyden Conservation area while Dan and I went to Green Briar to feed the animals. I found a nymph just getting ready to eclose so I took it with us. We were too late for story time and we didn't see any naturalists while we were there to share the exciting teneral emergence. On our way home we hooked up with Gerry who was just leaving Boyden and suggested we go back to the house, grab some lunch, drop Danny off with Dad and go off in search of Cicada's. Which is just what we did. We drove around Cotuit, Mashpee neck, Sandwich Town Cemetery, and into Falmouth just as Emily was getting off work. We whisked her into the big black Hummer and Gerry drove us home just in time for us to head back out to the grocery store, pick up dinner, and cook for the Leone's and ourselves.

Sunday we'd planned to pick up Marley from Nettie's house, but she called later Saturday night to say she wasn't ready yet, we're hoping to pick her up on Thursday with a belly full of pups. We're expecting she'll be due on August 1st. So instead of driving to NH we all seemed to get a bit of spring fever because we set about cleaning the house and our rooms. By noon, everything was done and we enjoyed a nice afternoon in the grove, with music, food and friends.

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