Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

Mike left yesterday morning for Virginia to attend a Woodturning Symposium. My father requested Malasadas from up here and since Father's Day has just passed I was happy to get up a couple of hours early to make a batch. Hope they weren't like hockey pucks by the time they got there. Mike spent the better part of Tuesday evening changing a flat tire, so first thing yesterday morning he needed to get a set of older tires put on for his trip South. Luckily he found a Sullivan tire in Wareham that was willing to do his first, and within an hour he was on his way to deliver Malasadas to RI and pick up Zachary for the trip to VA.
Emily drove us to work and Dan and I came back home. Hung laundry, mowed the grass in our yard then in the lower grove. Just as I was finishing up Dan spotted a small toad. We picked it up and Dan decided he wanted to build a terrarium for it. We dug out a shallow plastic tote, half filled it with dirt from the garden....only half of what I planted sprouted, if the vegetables didn't need the dirt I figured to could donate it to the toad. We planted little tufts of grass and clover. Threw in a couple of rocks, some sticks, two little dishes, one for water, the other for food and used an empty mushroom box to craft a little toad house. We were pretty excited by the finished product, and off we went to catch some worms, grubs and other insects. So now we have an albino aquatic frog, a toad (female we think) and two dogs. Our little family is complete, at least until we find another stray that Danny just has to have...I'm hoping for a garter snake!
Cicada's are humming like crazy here today. Dan and I rescued Gerry yesterday at the Francis Crane Wildlife refuge. He apparently had left his laptop plugged in and running while the engine was off, which drained his battery. A quick jump and he was on his way to find more data points. While he was waiting he did find a white eyed Cicada which is extremely rare. Seeing that alone made the rescue trip worthwhile! Dan and I did a little shopping at Roche Brothers (very expensive) and then thought we'd browse Mashpee Commons while we waited for it to be time to pick up Emily. I forgot that when we left to rescue Gerry that I hadn't brought any shoes along. So our first stop in Mashpee Commons was to CVS for a pair of flip flops for Danny to wear. We quickly located a pair that were just perfect and off we went. He had some trouble getting used to walking with the plastic between his toes and it slowed him down considerably, if only I'd know this sooner! Emily is off work today so we'll have to see what the day brings. It looks like it's going to be a beauty, I'm hoping to spend some time down at the tidal pools at Town Neck beach tonight since low tide is at 6:30. Maybe we'll even pack a picnic dinner.

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