Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2006

Today Danny and I took Em to work then headed to Plymouth to check out a data point for Cicada's which after an hour of checking the neighborhood could not confirm. Dan was my co-pilot in the passengers seat. (My car turns off the passenger side airbag if the occupant is under 100lbs) We continued to collect data points since we were there anyway and slowly made our way up 3A to Plymouth. Bribery sometimes works best with Danny so he was rewarded for his good behavior with a strawberry frosted sprinkle donut from D&D once we arrived. He and walked though the park and down to Plymouth Rock to find that the area around it was under construction and we'd be unable to see it. A ranger who was stationed there told Danny the story of the Pilgrims, how 104 came over on the Mayflower, half died the first year and were buried on a hill to try to hide from the Indians how many had died. After some heavy rains the bones floated to the surface at which time they decided a sarcophagus would be better. So Dan and I climbed the hill and saw the box, and then admired the statue of Massasoit and their leader William Bradford. We wrote a trip report when we got home. A habit I hope to continue. He really enjoyed our morning and remembered quite a bit after telling and retelling the story.

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