Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008 The "Not back to school Picnic"

Another lazy morning, even though Emily had to be to work by 9, we had more then enough time to dress, eat and get out the door with time to spare. Today was the day of the Homeschoolers "Not back to school picnic" at Hamblin Pond in Marston's Mills. It's was a beautiful day but breezy and cool, not a beach day if the wind wasn't blowing just right. As we arrived we noticed the chop and knew it was going to be chilly. Thankfully Dan and I packed sweatshirts just in case and had a terrific day. There were lots of people we didn't know, but quite a few we did. We enjoyed catching up with the other Moms and Dads, comparing notes, and planning events for the fall. Dan had a great time playing with all the kids. One of my favorite parts of the homeschooling events is all the different age ranges. For Dan it really seems to benefit him playing with boys that are a bit older. They seem to diffuse or at least match his aggressiveness and suddenly it becomes a non-issue. Dan had a great time playing and learning how he should behave and I had a good time talking with other Moms, knowing that he was having fun.

Dan had a great time playing on the life guard chair with the other kids, and especially Nina. Later on he climbed a tree with some bigger boys, everything was going fine until he lost his balance and fell. A quick band aid solved the problem. Dan usually fights a nap but when we got home he was done and willingly climbed up into his little nest and fell asleep.

Emily's been reading alot about England. She's frantically studying anything and everything she can get her hands on relating to the British country side, culture, customs and history, in hopes she can convince her grandparents to take her there before some of the other grandchildren come of age. She was privileged enough to join them on a trip to France just before her 15th birthday.

Danny spent the day socializing at the picnic and working on patterns.

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