Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4, 2008 My first annual Cicada exuvia & Dan rides a bike.

Things here have been pretty good. Just catching up on errands, shopping, cleaning up the house, and what we spend most of our time doing up after puppies!

The puppies needed to get out for a bit, after taking lots of pictures of them, Dan wanted a turn with the camera!

Marley doesn't seem to mind the pups climbing all over her!

Our other big news this week is that Dan has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He's still a little shakey starting and stopping, but he can ride like the wind when he gets going!

Dan riding his bike in the Remsen's yard

Last night I had my first class. Being a little nervous I left 5:30 for a 6:30 class with a commute of 18 minutes. I needed to get my student ID at the library and since I didn't know where I was going I was glad I allowed extra time. I quickly made my way to the library, walked in the door and found that the receptionist at the desk was making ID's. I sat, took a picture and two minutes later was on my way. Since I was there I decided I'd see if I could find any information on Cape Cod Cicada's and saw a sign that said Cape Cod History with an arrow pointing down stairs. I came to a set of double doors, began to pull and realized the door was locked. Will have to go back another day when the Nickerson Library is open to do that research. I walked to South hall and began walking up and down the hall looking for room 111. The low numbers were on one side, the high numbers on another. An older gentleman was walking my way and since he looked like a professor I asked him directions feeling like a lost 1st grader on my first day. He directed me to the room directly ahead with no room number. I felt better. I sat, our teacher introduced himself and proceeded to school us on Sociology....and so forth...his favorite phrase. Since it was our first night he didn't want to stress us too much and let us go at 8pm. Nice way to start a semester...with a nice short class. I made it home to Mike, Em and Dan eating dinner and enjoyed sitting with them for the first time in a week.

Jen called yesterday afternoon and asked if we'd like to go apple picking with them today. I said sure, although it seemed a little early in the season. We hadn't seen them in a while and I thought it would be good to get together. I went for a short 30 minute walk this morning, trying to stretch out a pulled ankle muscle from Sleeping Giant. Then came home, showered, started laundry, packed a lunch and headed out to Walmart to pick up a few things before meeting the Harmon's in Acushnet. At 10:30 Dan and I were just leaving Walmart when we got a call from Buzz saying that the apple picking place didn't open until next week. With no other ideas we ended the call and were on our own. Dan's been asking about Water Wizz so we looked in from outside the gates...too bad they don't stay open past labor day, we'd have been game for a September morning splash in their pools! We left there and decided we'd try to find some place to have lunch, thinking a beach, playground, park or cemetary. We drove toward Onset and made our way to Little Harbor Beach, it was breezy so we went to the marsh side and enjoyed lunch while watching 4 beautiful white cranes hunt for food. We went for a short walk along the water line, saw many fiddler crab holes and lots of poison ivy! We'd passed a cemetary on the way there, so I asked Dan if he wanted to do some poking around. Gerry swears by cemetaries for Cicada hunting, but admittedly they're not my favorite places....I thought I'd suck it up in the name of research. Dan said sure. Just as we were pulling into Agawam Cemetery in Wareham I heard a T. canicularis, that's a good sign I thought. We parked and started looking around. On the second tree we searched we found an exuvia, third and fourth tree two more. I was pretty excited with my first annual exuvia found on my own. As Dan and I made our way to a grove of pine trees I noticed large piles of sand and wondered if they could be Cicada killer burrows. Sure enough, finger sized holes on the edge of a pile of sandy soil. Looked just like what we saw in Wellfleet and I promptly called Gerry. He was interested enough to ask for a data point. We didn't see any Cicada killers and the mounds looked old (no new excavation) but you can bet I'll be checking it out next July! Here's the data point. Section A-3 & A-5 at the Agawam Cemetery, corner of RD Stillman Memorial Drive and Great Neck Road, Wareham, MA

I had a GYN appt. at Wareham Nurse Midwives, and although I initially didn't want to take Dan with me, he behaved very well. Louise was very impressed with my new found health regimen. and encouraged me to continue with all the changes I've made. I weighed in at 175.4 lbs. Another 2 lbs lost! Blood pressure 120/70 pulse 72. I left there with an incredibly clean bill of health.

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