Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008 Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

This morning we awoke again lazily, somewhere around 8am. Tuesday mornings are a little hectic now that football season has started since that's when all the scores are tallied and the winner announced. Thankfully Mikey's been helping me with the task as the games are played. We have 19 players this year and it's a good hour or more worth of work a week. After computing all the scores Mikey won. $57 in the bank, one more win and he'll pay off the cost of playing for the season!

Since the morning was once again beautiful and Em wasn't working I suggested a trip out to Brewster to visit the Cape Cod museum of Natural History. http://www.ccmnh.org/ .Laurie had said in the past that she was interested in going, so we called her to join us. A quick trip to Sandwich library to pick up a pass and we were on our way. We arrived shortly before 11am, payed our $4 per person fee and started exploring.

They must keep the local taxidermist busy because there were loads of stuffed animals. Rabbits, coyote, badger, owls, hawks, fish and all kinds of assorted birds. Dan's favorite part, by far, was the simulated tide pools. We watched a sea and bay scallop shoot water, a flounder camoflage, sea urchins move. We learned that a horseshoe crab sheds it's skin so when you pick up one that you think is dead, likely it's just a shed. Star fish are now called Sea stars because they are not really fish. We watched 10 jellyfish gently float through a tube of bubbles.
Suddenly, the loudspeaker crackled and an announcement was made that one of the osprey chicks had just returned to the nest. There's a camera secured at the nest that broadcasts to a TV in the marshland room. We could see the nest from there as well, but it's was far off in the distance. The chick had a fish and seemed to be doing a pretty good job taking care of itself.

Next we decided to hike out to Wing island for a picnic. It was a short walk and we found a nice spot under a cedar tree. I'd packed chicken, mashed potato and cranberry sauce sandwiches for Laurie and the kids, I had red kidney beans with straw mushrooms and eggplant spaghetti sauce. We finished lunch in time to get Laurie home to pick up Matt from school, Em and I in time to study and Dan to take a much needed nap just as the rain began to fall.

A few nights back Laurie, Em and I made a plan to see Mama Mia tonight, so Mikey came home a little early so we could make the 6:40pm show. Laurie and I had a great time, Em said it was just ok.

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