Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5, 2008 Tattoo Day!

So today is the day I'll get my lower back tattoo and I'm very excited, I've been planning this one for many years but because of my weight was unable to have it done. I think I've lost enough now that with continued weight loss the tattoo will not be distorted. Today's Lily tattoo will be the begining of a larger one. It's my favorite flower and remarkably on the day of our wedding, 7 years ago one bloomed in our front yard. I love the way they smell and marvel at their beauty. This flower will signify me. Eventually three roses will be added. A rose bud for Emily, one open slightly to represent my mother, and the last splayed in full bloom for my grandmother...all three are Rose's. I'll also include an impatien for my Aunt Fran who has been a steady presence in my life, and holly leaves and berries for my cousin Holly who is more like a sister.
My mother is showing some real age of late and is adamantly insisting I don't go forward with this tattoo. Mom, all I have to say is don't look!
Emmy is old enough to go with us so (if she doesn't get squeemish) she'll take pictures during the process. Considering the placement I'm expecting the actual tattooing to be pleasureable! As always...time will tell.

This is a picture of a stargazer lily that I'm taking with me today, this one bloomed in our yard the end of July




The finished tattoo...I love it!

The only time I'll ever see my tattoo and face at the same time

The tattooing went great. Moderately painful to start, but by the end I could barely feel it. My best explaination of the pain would be if someone was poking you with a toothpick on a sunburn. It's painful, but not excrutiating. It took just under an hour and Lorna was great. I look forward to working with her again. The lily was placed so that the other flowers will rise from it on either side. Janni was next in line and had musical notes of a favorite verse tattooed on her wrist. She was pleased with hers as well. Emily took some really great photos!

Today we also started homeschooling. Emily did 2 math chapters, Dan practiced writing the letter C and I read the first chapter in my sociology book.

Finally, since were expecting Tropical storm Hanna this week and the rain is scheduled to begin tomorrow, Nettie decided to pickup the puppies today. They've been fun to have around, and we'll miss them but we're happy they'll all be going to good homes.

Bye bye puppies!!!

We're certainly glad to have the 4.5 * 6 foot whelping box out of the house, just in time for the Woodturners picnic!

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