Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008 Hurricane Kyle

Em's Our cottage guests were great to have around. Wendy was very nice. On Saturday morning she came by just as I was making Dan pancakes and joined us for breakfast. Danny really enjoyed the maple syrup she brought. I worked Saturday night but Mike hosted them for a t-bone and lamb chop supper, and they helped Mike and Emily unload a ton of pellets into the basement in the pouring rain.
Sunday morning was quiet. Wendy called and we planned to take a ride into Sandwich, have some lunch and Seafood Sam's then take a walk on the canal if Hurricane Kyle cooperated. We walked to the Sagamore bridge and half way back before the rain really began to fall. Another family walked with us as well, and their son and Danny kept swapping Dan's bike for Nicholas' ride in the wagon. It worked out great, and was enough variation to keep Dan interested. We got home in time to dry off, say goodbye to the stirts, then to work I went.
Monday morning was quiet as well. We deemed it Emily day since everything seemed to revolve around her. We made a trip to RI to visit her dad in the hospital, went shopping at the outlet mall where she bought 2 shirts, then to the orthodontist for her check up, to the grocery store to get the fixings for her favorite American chop suey, and finally I ended my night sitting in a two hour parents drivers ed class.

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