Monday, September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008 The perfect September day

If ever there was a perfect September day this was it. Mike quietly exited the house this morning without waking anyone up. I lazily awoke just before 8am. Dan followed at 8:30 and declared he was starving. As I was making French toast we slowly heard sounds from Emily's room. She can't resist the smell of breakfast, and joined us as the first batch was hitting the table. Dan and I enjoyed some frozen raspberries that Mom brought up with her last week, Thanks Mom!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. I love waking up to this view!

We decided since we had errands to run in Sandwich, we'd hurry through them, then go over to the tide pools at Town Neck beach for low tide at noon. It was a beautifully clear day and we imagined what it must be like traveling the seas on a yacht called Resilience, a 200 footer, pure white and amazingly beautiful that was making it's way up the canal. We made a quick stop at Joe's lobster mart for some steamers, mussels and a crab just in case our tide pool scavenging didn't amount to enough for dinner and headed over to the pools.

Dan and Em didn't waste any time going in. Emily focused on finding sea urchin shells, Dan was more intent on crabs. We arrived at 11am and the tide was still going out. We had a blissful 45 minutes before a bus pulled in and our solitude destroyed. We weren't the only ones who thought it was a perfect day for the tide pools. On the way home we decided to follow an animal control vehicle that we saw drive by. He went down to the Boardwalk parking lot and turned around...nothing really exciting about that, but on the way out we spied a Blue Heron hunting for a meal. We headed home and put together a picnic lunch for the back yard, followed by a dip in the pond and rest time.

We're still working out the details of homeschooling, particularly when it comes to Dan and finding consistent time to work. Em's doing well on her own, I'm assigning chapters and she's working her way through them, I'm happy with her progress. I'm finding time when I can, but today stumbled onto a little gem that may make it much easier on all of us. After their swim I sent Dan up for his rest, that frequently turns into a nap. After about 40 minutes upstairs, he came down to go to the bathroom. He saw both Emily and I working and asked if he could "work" too. I said sure, he grabbed his workbook and joined us on my bed. Em was working on fractions, I was learning how to do societal research and Dan was working on writing the letter I in capital and we all sat there working independently I thought...this could work...

I put a chicken in the oven, glad that it's cool enough out to use it again. It'll be the meat in our otherwise seafood dinner. Emily is working Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. I'm on Sunday (last night) and Thursday. I'm much more appreciative of my nights home with the family. It's amazing what a little perspective will do.
Mike arrived home at 6:30 with our first ton of wood pellets in the truck. Em and I cleaned up dinner while Mike and Dan cleared a spot in the basement, then we all spent the next 20 minutes unloading 50, 40lbs bags of pellets. Dan moved them to the back of the truck, he was so happy to be able to help, and Mike, Em and I carried them down stairs. One third of the winters heat is in house, two thirds to go. Em was all over the fractions!

Mike brought me home a present today from work, In a small plastic container was this huge insect I'd never seen before. After only a few clicks I identified it as a female Dobson fly.

Emily- Math - Chapter 5 & 6 Fractions, Ratios and proportions
Social Studies - Chapter 1 United States History - European Colonization North America
Language Arts- Chapter 1 Sentence Structure
Dan - Writing the letter I in upper and lower case

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