Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15, 2008 Can redemption and the raft comes in!

We woke up this morning to a glorious summers day. The sun was shining through the trees, a gentle breeze was blowing, the air was humid. I quickly hung one load of laundry on the line and started another. Our dryer broke this summer so now we dry on the line exclusively on the whim of Mother nature. Em and I made several attempts at starting both our lawnmowers to no avail, and instead decided we'd get rid of our ever growing pile of cans and bottles.
For the last 3 years I've collected cans and bottles from the neighborhood and all the proceeds go to the playground fund to buy things like playground equipment, or beach toys. It's worked out great and we've averaged about $100 a year. We had two barrels and 3 garbages bags full. Since we have a redemption center I decided to check that out before we headed down to the local package store to put them into a machine 1 by 1. The redemption center was great and would happily take all our cans and plastics. However, to recycle glass they require you bring them in boxes. Hmm....we didn't have any boxes, so opting to get rid of the cans and plastics I sorted them in the parking lots and made $17 there. Next we went down to the package store to get ride of our bottles, a barrel and a half full. Pulled up and there was no one there, perfect I thought, got out and looked at the machine, which said insert bottle, great the machine works. 5 bottles in and the machine is acting funny and moving very slow.....not good. After the 8th bottle the machine told me it was full and spit out my coupon for 40 cents. I walked into the store to ask if there was someone who might be able to empty the machine and of course there wasn't. I told them if they gave me the key, I'd do it...I desperately didn't want to take all these dirty bottles home. Eventually we found the key, and opened the machine. I took the two full barrels out and replaced them with two empty ones, closed the door and the machine said Insert bottle. Great I thought, all set. The ladies went back in the building, I started loading the machine once more, it took 7 more bottles and said it was full. Frustrated I walked back inside to let the ladies know what was going on. We agreed that I would box and count my bottles to redeem them that way. I had 165 and made $8.25 so a total of 25.25 for the mornings work, but I went home with empty barrels so it was all worth it.
We arrived home to find Richard on the beach starting to bring in the raft for the year. Feeling presidental pressure to help and being drawn to the pond because of the warm weather, Dan and I went down to help him out. The sun was hot, and the water perfect. Dan and I enjoyed a later summers beach day. Later, Dan and Em watched Spiderwick Cronicicles while I did some studying before work at 5.

10:47pm update. Work sucked and I nearly gave notice twice. I work, most nights, with a woman who speaks Brazilian Portuguese nearly exclusively with the exception of anything to do with coffee, bagels, or donuts. She doesn't do any paperwork but counts money flawlessly. She's overweight and moves very slowly. I just assume work alone, however the humor Gods would much rather watch me work around her for 5 hours. While I stocked, swept and waited on customers she counted money..... I gave her my headset at break and never gave her the opportunity to give it back, after that the night improved dramatically, and we walked out the door just a few minutes after 10.

This is what happens when Mom goes to work, maybe I should considering staying home again after all!

As I closed down the house for the night I reflected on what a strange day it had been. A bright, perfectly round orb shinned brightly down on the pond casting it's silvery glow and I thought
"Of course, that explains everything..."


Anonymous said...

Imagine how much money you could save if your hubby drove a Hyundai! No more storing cans for a paltry $100 bucks a year, new dryer, private schools, etc........the possibilities are endless!!

Lisa said...

LOL anonymous, the man is set in his ways. For the record we could afford a new dryer and probably will get one before the winter sets in, we homeschool because we've seen the village and don't want it raising our children, and we collect cans for our association, not to supplement our household income. But yes...I agree with you, the possibilities are endless...I'll work on him!