Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 14, 2008 Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Things here continue to be busy so this blog entry is going to be quick. Em's working her normal schedule this week M-Th & Saturday (7 hour days) . I'm working T,Th,Fri, & S(7 hour shifts). Mike's working M-Th (10 hour days)and leaves on Sunday for Seneca Lake, NY for the week. Mike and the kids did really well with me working on Tuesday night. I made dinner, American chop suey before I left so all they had to do was warm it up. Work was good. I worked with another girl and it was fairly quiet but I prefer to stay busy, she on the other hand is newly pregnant and decided she's rather stand around. At 11:30 we prepared to close the shop and since she doesn't usually work nights I was in charge....after only 3 days. Just like Dunkin. Thankfully, closing was all relatively easy, so after shutting down the lights and locking the door, I set the alarm and we commited to leaving. It was 12:02am. Got home to find Mike awake, but just barely. Told him he should have gone to bed, and went there myself hoping he would too, which he did.

Wednesday was more of the same, the sun was out so Dan and I set about getting all our stuff done early so we could enjoy the beach for the afternoon, becauase at 7pm Mike and Laurie were picking Mike and I up to see Jeff Durham and the melody tent. He was a great comedian and we all had a great time. In bed after midnight again tonight, and suspect it will probably be the earliest for the next few days. I found an online study guide for the assessment test I'll be taking on Friday morning and quickly realized how little math I remembered. Thursday's project is a quick math refresher, hopefully the weather will be nice so I can study on the beach while Dan plays!

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