Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 No more babysitting....

Monday started off pretty much as usual. Em drove us to work. Now that she's completed her 40 hours supervised driving with me we no longer need to keep a log, which is really nice. Her driving has come along nicely and I'm confident that when she does get her license in November she'll be more then ready. Dan and I went grocery shopping afterwards, then went home to unpack groceries and spend some time on the beach before lunch and nap.

Our town has lost two young men to the war in the last week. A 21 year old named Paul Conlon died in Afghanstan, and 19 year old, who's family we know, Daniel Maguire died in Fallujah on Thursday 8/14. I had to work last night but the community was holding a candlelight vigil in the veterans park across the street from D & D and since Laurie was planning on attending, I asked her to take Em, Sarah and Dan. The service started at 8:30, I was happy to be able to attend during my break. Here is a news broadcast of the event. http://www.thebostonchannel.com/video/17229345/index.html

Tuesday started off quietly. I e-mailed Jen and Buzz to let them know I'll no longer be able to watch the girls every 3rd Friday from 2pm- 7:30. Between my men's night, and working, and especially this week Mike being away it'll just be too much. I'm sad to not have that connection to them anymore, but I'm sure the relationship will grow and change in the coming months. Dan and I came home and went to the beach. The day is terrific, south wind and just perfect. A little after noon I heard a rumble and looked back to see a huge bank of black clouds. A quick check of the radar which told me we were going to get a good storm. Dan and I got the puppies in off the deck, and grabbed the clothes off the line just before the rain began. Dan and I had lunch and since the day had gone from beautifully sunny to perfectly rainy we decided a nap was in order. Dan and I climbed into bed, snuggled together and fell asleep. We woke 2 hours later to find another storm rolling through.

Mike called a little after 4pm to check in since we never heard from him yesterday. Seems Doug and Ron corrupted him last night and he didn't get in till after 1am. He was surprised to find while checking in at the hotel some of the cast of extreme home makeover standing next to him. Edward on one side, and Michael on the other. They surprised a family in Geneva Monday morning. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2008/08/we_find_out_today_wholl_get_an.html
Very cool!

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