Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31, 2008 Laurie's Labor Day party

We spent this morning just relaxing and hanging out. I was invited to Sleeping Giant state Park in Hamden Connecticut Monday to Cicada hunt with Gerry, Elias and Barbara so I thought a day of rest before the big hike might be a good idea. The puppies are 5 weeks old today, very busy most of the time, eating well and gaining lots of weight.

Danny just barely holding onto Abigail

It used to be we could put the puppies in the kiddy pool on the deck and they'd have a nice change of scenery, and I'd have some place to put them while I was cleaning out the whelping box. But not anymore!

The puppies getting ready to escape their kiddy pool

Mike took Emmy out this afternoon to teach her how to change the oil in the cars. Since mine was due, she had the pleasure of climbing under the van. Mike said she did a good job and is now qualified as the family oil changer! What a girl!
Dad and Kathy made a short visit before heading up to Boston to catch a flight to the Azores where they will spend a couple of weeks....we hope they have a great trip.

At 5pm we were invited down to Mike and Lauries for their annual Labor Day lobster/clam feast. They put on a great show, and in years past have found that Turkey fryers are the perfect pots for steaming both clams and lobsters. We started off with three this year but quickly moved up to 4!

Mike with three of the four turkey fryers and 5 bags of lobsters!

Mikey showing off the great turnout at Mike & Laurie's

The party was well attended, plenty of food for everybody and Papa John surprised Danny with a light up play sword that he just loves! Thanks Papa John!

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